What Is The Best Antivirus In 2014 ?

What Is The Best Antivirus In 2014 ?

If you have a computer, than the first thing which you should do in order to protect your computer and yourself from any kind of viruses, spywares, malwares, trojans etc is to install a Good, well known and reputable Antivirus software. There are tons of software available on Internet, each claiming the best Antivirus software and it’s really difficult to say any one software THE BEST


This one question is the most common question which comes in everyone’s mind, but not many people are ready to spend their money on such softwares. If you are one of them, than I think it’s ok to think like that, because when you have plenty of freeware and good quality Antivirus softwares available, than there is no need to buy a software which gives you almost the same level of protection which a freeware software is offering

Paid And Freeware Antivirus Software

Saying this would be wrong that there is no need to purchase an Antivirus Software, because a Paid Antivirus software comes along with plenty of other advance functionalities as well, which you may or may not require. From my own experience, I know that Paid Antivirus softwares have plenty of other interesting features as well which makes you more secure on Internet.

More importantly, once you Install a Good Paid Antivirus or Internet Security software, than their is no need to install any other security tools in your PC. Whereas, if you are using a Free Antivirus Software, it’s always a good practice to install many other security tools as well like Malware Control Software, Trojan Removers, Antispywares, Firewall Software etc.

My  Best Free Antivirus Softwares

Anyhow, I did my own research by reading many online articles and statistics reports. After all that I finally came up with best  Antivirus softwares which you can use and rely on. All of these  Antivirus Softwares are well known and are providing the security services since long time. I will recommend my Best Antivirus Software in the next post, but if any of you are using any other Freeware Antivirus software beside these, than i recommend to try any of the below software.

Note: These Antiviruses are not arranged in any order, It’s just a random list.

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Difference Between These Antivirus Softwares

These 10 Free Antivirus Softwares differ from each other in various aspects, but they do provide an excellent virus detection services. I don’t want to confuse you by going into the technical details of it, instead I thought it would be easy to show you the areas where each of these software is different from another.

1. Scan Time : Each of these software has a different scanning speed. Some are fast, while some take long time to scan your computer.

2. Memory Consumption (RAM) : Each software consume different amount of computer’s memory, which makes your computer to perform slow while the scanning is in progress.

3. User Interface : Means how easy it’s to use the software and how simple the looks of the software really is.

4. Features : How many additional features it has beside providing decent Antivirus protection.

5. Virus Detection : How quickly it detects latest viruses.

These are the areas where each software is different from another. I recommend to test yourself each of these Antivirus software for a week and than you will get to know that which Antivirus software is Best for you. Because once you install an Antivirus software, than only you will get to know that how much fast it’s, how easy it’s for you to use it, is it making your PC slow or not.

How To Select 1 Software From The List

Note: It’s not recommended to Install more than 1 real-time Antivirus software in your computer, because each Antivirus software consumes system resources, which can causes conflicts and reduce the computer protection.

Out of these 5 Antiviruses, it’s very difficult to say which is best for you, because selecting the Best Antivirus Software depends on the following factors:

1. How good you are with the Softwares?

2. How much technical knowledge you have?

3. How much do you use computer on daily bases?

4. What kind of protection you are looking for?

5. How Old or New is your computer or How fast it’s?

6. Which operating system you are using (Win XP, Win 7, Win 8)?

These are all the things which changes the behaviour of any Antivirus software. May be you have an old PC and you are comfortable with 1 Antivirus software, wherease your friend has a new PC and is a technical guy as well and he is comfortable with some other Antivirus software. So things gets different as per above factors.

Last Words

I know not many of you would like to Test different Antivirus softwares on their PC, but as already said that the performance of the Antivirus software depends on all of the above factors. Based on my  Best Antiviruse Software, I recommend you to do your own research on Internet and than Install the one which you think is best for you.

I will post my recommended Best Antivirus Software in the future post, till than leave your comments / feedback below about all these  Antivirus Softwares which I said are the Best.



What Is The Best Antivirus In 2014 ?


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