Photoshop Creative – Issue No. 127

Photoshop Creative – Issue No. 127



Make art easy with masks

Paint like Monet
– Mimic the style of an Impressionist master

Create a shattered glass portrait
– Combine clipping masks, layers and blend modes

Transform your landscape shots
– Apply filters and modes to make a scene out of water

Draw cartoons with the Pen tool
– Bring together the Pen tool and brushes

Also inside…
– Enhance your sports photos
– Create a fantasy portrait
– Add a levitation effect to images
– Design a book cover
– Wield the Refine Selection Brush
– Design a trifold leaflet
– Mimic film grain
– Fix closed-eyes shots
– Master tone and colour reversal
– Reviews: Fujifilm X-A2, Escape Motions’ Amberlight and the BenQ PG2401PT monitor
– Your Photoshop queries answered
– Interview with Peter Spencer

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Photoshop Creative – Issue No. 127

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