Windows 9 Build 9834 New screenshots

Windows 9 Build 9834 New screenshots

Windows 9 starts to look good as Threshold build 9834 leaks giving us an early sneak pick of what the future holds for the next version of the operating system.Last weeks a German website published several screenshots from an early release of Windows 9 that Microsoft made available to top partners. And the images are very real.

The operating system is labeled as “Windows Technical Preview” version 6.4 (9834.0.140908-0936.FBL_PARTNER_EEAP), which means that this build has been compiled on September 8, 2014.

But today two New screenshots of Windows 9 Build 9834 has been leaked .It does look as though recent leaks on Windows 9 have brought about a greater level of awareness of what this upcoming operating system is capable of, including the introduction of Wi-Fi Sense on the platform and virtual desktops feature also appears as more…

The report also states that the latestTechnical Preview build is 9844 as noted earlier, a Windows 9 Beta this year is looking increasingly likely. This would give Microsoft plenty of time to gather user feedback ahead of a full release, and hopefully generate some goodwill from hardcore users who could influence regular consumers.

Windows 9 Build 9834 New screenshots


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