Windows 9 Build 9834 ‘Accounts’ Renamed to ‘Users And Accounts’

Windows 9 Build 9834 ‘Accounts’ Renamed to ‘Users And Accounts’

A huge leak just happened. Earlier this morning we posted leaked screenshots of Windows 9,these screenshots revealed a lot more than just how the OS looks (not much different by the way). We also learned of several new features, and have an answer to how Microsoft is (currently) planning to handle the Start Screen.

WinFuture claims to have received these screenshots from a certain employee of Microsoft’s partner who has access from his own account for the pre-release version of the new operating system.
The report further reveals the leaked package contains a total of 21 screenshots that show the Windows 9 Technical Preview, which is expected by either late September or early October.

one of the Visual changes in PC Settings that we can notice is the changing of ‘Accounts’ and replacing it with ‘Users and accounts’ in windows 9 build 9834.maybe they add some new features inside.
Since this is an early preview of Windows 9 in an unfinished state, any of these features could change before Microsoft officially releases the OS. It is expected to release a public beta of Windows 9 later this month.


Windows 9 Build 9834 ‘Accounts’ Renamed to ‘Users And Accounts’


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