Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17046 ISO

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17046 ISO


  • Right-clicking on an UWP app will now show a quick link to Advanced Options for that app as “Settings”

Cortana + search

Taskbar + Action center

User Interface

File Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Edge 42

  • Address fields and other related fields can now be filled in automatically by Edge
  • Settings to manage form entries have been added to Advanced Settings
  • Text spacing settings have been added for Reading View

F12 Tools

EdgeHTML 16

  • The ANGLE Backend is now used for WebGL






Network & Internet




Time & language


Ease of Access



Update & Security

Mixed Reality


Ink Workspace




Language and input

  • The on-screen keyboard’s buttons now use Acrylic and are once again lighter than the background
  • New and improved recognition of words to provide better emoji predictions in Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Danish (Denmark), German (Germany), Greek (Greece), English (Great Britain), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Finnish (Finland), French (France), Hebrew (Israel), Hindi (India), Italian (Italy), Dutch (Netherlands), Norwegian (Norway), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian (Russia), Swedish (Sweden), and Turkish (Turkey)
  • The emoji panel will no longer close after inserting one emoji
  • The Tamil keyboard has been added
  • Updates the Sinhala and Myanmar keyboards for more comprehensive ways of inputting sequences
  • Improved input of compositions on the Amharic keyboard
  • The Amharic keyboard will now insert Amharic script directly instead of English letters with predictions


Other features

And further

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where the properties dialog for This PC did not work
  • Fixes an issue where third party antivirus software blocked to use of OneDrive Files on Demand
  • Fixes an issue that resulted in delays during logoff and shutdown when an UWP app was open in suspended state
  • Fixes an issue where display colors would become distorted on some TV’s and monitors that advertise support for 10/12 bit wire formats
  • Fixes an issue that caused heavily-threaded DirectX 12 apps to crash on launch after first launch
  • Fixes an issue where keys would get stuck highlighted on the wide touch keyboard
  • Fixes an issue where keys might be dropped when typing with the Chinese Simplified touch keyboard
  • Fixes an issue where writing a long sentence in the handwriting panel would cause the text to scroll while writing
  • Fixes an issue where the hardware keyboard text suggestions potentially did not work until the touch keyboard had been launched once
  • Fixes an issue where the mouse would noticeably flicker when moving across cells in Excel 2016
  • Fixes an issue where the Start menu layout would reset after upgrade
  • Fixes an issue where miniview windows would go offscreen when attempting to resize them
  • Fixes an issue where search results in Settings would take you to the top level category

Known issues

  • Windows Media Player or other Feature-on-Demand packages may not be installed
  • Some Tencent games will bugcheck on 64bit PCs
  • VPNs with custom pop-up windows will fail to connect with error 720
  • Not all Cortana notifications will be received
  • Deploying an x86 app to a x64 PC remotely will result in a “FileNotFound” deployment failure if the target PC is running build 17040
  • Some types of dynamic volumes might not mount properly or might not be accessible from Windows
  • Some dictionary files may get lost when upgrading

Change log information taken from

Thanks To WZOR



Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17046 ISO

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