Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10.0.15002.1001 Direct Download ISO

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10.0.15002.1001 Direct Download ISO

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What’s new in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10.0.15002.1001

Work in progress

This is about a leaked build and is based on the information we have from build 15002 (Leaked). Keep in mind that the information below might be incorrect. Keep in mind that this changelog is in comparison with build 14986, not 14997.

Start and Action Center

  • Tiles can now dragged on top of each other to create live folders
  • A coffee cup-icon will be shown in the top-right-corner of the start menu

Cortana and search

  • You can now set Cortana to not listen when Windows + C is used


  • Nothing to share

File Explorer

  • Nothing to share

User Interface

  • The Windows 8-era share UI has been replaced with a new floating window

Microsoft Edge

  • Edge has been updated from version 39.14986 to version 39.15002 with the following updates
    • You can now “Set tabs aside” to view them later
    • You can now view all tab previews at once with a new button in the tab bar
    • Edge now has a jumplist menu that allows you to open a new window or a new InPrivate window
    • Favorites settings have been merged in the main Settings-page
    • A “New Tab in Edge” button has been added to Internet Explorer
  • EdgeHTML has been updated from version 15.14986 to version 15.15002 with the following updates
    • Support for WebVR
    • Support for Content Security Policy 2
    • Flash content is now blocked by default
  • The following flags have been changed
    • “Allow independent rendering of HTML5 Video elements” has been added
    • “Enable individual transforms” has been added
    • “Enable Input Interleaved Tasks” has been added
    • “Allow background tabs to be put into a low power mode” has been added
    • “Enable experimental networking features” has been added
    • “Show the books library in the Edge hub” has been added
    • “Show an option in Settings to enable the Home Button in the browsers chrome” has been added


  • New panels, settings and options
    • “Apps” has been added as a new category
    • You can now let Windows reduce the blue light emitted from the screen
    • You can now change your theme on the “Theme” page under Personalization
    • A sidebar is now shown offering help and links to related settings
    • “Bluetooth & other devices” has been added under Devices
    • You can now pick colors from your “Recent colors”
    • A link to manage Storage Spaces has been added under “Storage”
    • You can now sort app extensions
    • You can now suspend updates for 35 days
    • You can now exclude drivers from installing in Windows Update
    • You can now defer feature updates for a number of days after their release
    • You can now defer quality updates for a number of days after their release
  • Visual updates and others
    • The screen resolution setting has been moved to the main “Display” panel
    • “Apps & features”, “Default apps”, “Offline maps” and “Apps for websites” have been moved from System to Apps
    • “Bluetooth” and “Connected Devices” has been merged
    • Switching between branches is now a dropdown instead of a checkbox for editions that support it

Ink Workspace

  • The color of the pen, pencil and marker is now indicated in the icon instead of in a circle


  • The OOBE has been redesigned
  • The OOBE can now be controlled with Cortanas voice commands
  • Bugcheck screens are now green instead of blue for Insider Previews
  • If Windows shutdown abnormal, a new Abnormal Shutdown Diagnosis will run after booting to diagnose the issue


  • Nothing to share


  • Nothing to share


  • The Get Help-app has a new icon

Other features

  • “Device performance & Health” had been added to Windows Defender
  • You can now check for updates directly from the “Virus & threat protection” page in Windows Defender
  • You can now change the Windows Defender settings in Defender itself
  • The Windows Defender UI has been slightly updated
  • You can now refresh your PC in Windows Defender

And further

  • Nothing to share

Fixed issues

  • Nothing to share

Known issues

  • Nothing to share
  • Change log information taken from

Thanks To WZOR,Insidewindows

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10.0.15002.1001 Direct Download ISO

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10.0.15002.1001 Direct Download ISO



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