Web Tools v1.8 Paid Apk

Web Tools v1.8 Paid Apk


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A must have application for web developers or designers. Web Tools contains multiple tools neatly wrapped into one application.

★ Browser Sync – Sync the currently viewed tab within chrome to multiple devices running Web Tools Chrome extension needed – can be found here:
Android Web Tools Chrome Extension
• Google sign in
• Email sign in
• Enable mobile or desktop version of site

★ Regex Tester – A powerful tool for creating, testing and evaluating regular expression.
• Regular expression shortcut keys
• Regular expression replacement tool
• Regular expression reference card
• Predefined regular expression examples (more to come)
• Online regular expression cookbook
• Save regular expressions
• Share regular expressions

★ Color Converter – Convert RGB and RGBA to HEX values and vice-versa
• Share colors
• Save colors

★ Color Picker – Choose images from your gallery or take an image with your camera and pick colors from the image
• Supports pan and zoom
• Color palette based on the selected image
• Save color
• Share color

★ Source Viewer – View source code of web pages. Includes a syntax highlighter for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML.
• View headers
• Save source code to file
• Copy source code
• Share source code
• Search source code
• Add bookmark
• Validate code
• Validate links

★ SEO Tools – Run webpage analysis, get alexa ranking data and get sites social information.
• View sites Facebook shares and comments. Along with other data from Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn.
• View Alexa global rank, country rank, bounce rate, time on site per visitor and more…
• Run page analysis to check for deprecated tags, missing alt attributes, missing title tag, markup validation, inline-css, text-to-HTML ratio and more…

★ Dark Material Theme added
Plus more…

More to come in future updates…

Use of permissions:
• android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE -Check internet connectivity
• android.permission.INTERNET -Used to retrieve webpage source code, sync browser to device
• android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS -Needed to sign in using Google account
• android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -For in-built file explorer used to save source code to a file on the device
• android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -For in-built file explorer used to save source code to a file on the device


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Web Tools v1.8 Paid Apk


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