Turbo Studio 17.0.836.0 Incl Keygen

Turbo Studio 17.0.836.0 Incl Keygen


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Run your applications with no installs, dependencies, or conflicts. Deploy in standalone EXEs, with TurboServer, or on Turbo.net.

Key Features
Run .NET Without .NET
Embed runtime dependencies such as .NET, Java, AIR, and SQL CE directly into virtual applications. Launch on completely clean desktops.

Migrate to Windows 10
Turbo.net allows legacy applications such as Internet Explorer 6 to execute on Windows 7, 8, and 10 unblocking operating system rollouts and assuring business continuity.
Deploy Anywhere
Deploy in standalone EXEs, traditional MSIs, on intranets with TurboServer, or on the web with Turbo.net.

#1 in Compatibility
Virtualize both 32-bit and 64-bit applications, databases such as SQL Server, services such as IIS, as well as DCOM and SxS.

Easy to Use
Application templates and the new Desktop Import wizard allow painless migration of applications. Or, use setup capture to virtualize custom applications.

Eliminate Conflicts
Applications run in isolated sandboxes, eliminating conflicts, administrator privilege requirements, and other sources of application failure. Launch multiple application versions side-by-side.


Launch Applications with No Installs
Give users an instant launch experience and reduce support costs by packaging all application files, settings, runtimes, and components into a single package that runs instantly with zero setup.

Eliminate .NET and Java Dependencies
Execute .NET, Java and AIR-based applications with no separate installation steps or runtime versioning conflicts. The Turbo virtual machine supports all versions of the .NET Framework and Java, including .NET 4.0, 4.2, and 4.5.

Execute on Locked-Down Desktops
Boost security by locking down desktops and deploying on clean base images. Turbo allows all of your applications to work properly without administrative rights or access to privileged system resources.

Eliminate Component Failures
Turbo eliminates application failures due to missing or mismatched component versions by packaging runtimes and other application components together with dependent application executables.

Run Legacy Applications on Windows 8
Turbo allows legacy applications such as Internet Explorer 6 to run properly on new operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8, reducing the cost and risk associated with operating system rollouts.

Dynamic Sandbox Isolation Management
Dynamic isolation management allows virtualized applications to run both in complete isolation or in shared virtual environments with other applications, allowing data and settings to be shared between related applications.


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Turbo Studio 17.0.836.0 Incl Keygen


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