SoftColor PhotoEQ v1.9.9.9 Incl License Key

SoftColor PhotoEQ v1.9.9.9 Incl License Key


.: DESCRiPTiON :..

SoftColor PhotoEQ makes color correction, image editing and color management tasks simpler. Just drag and drop image files or folders to PhotoEQ and you are ready to start improving your images. PhotoEQ’s todo queue helps you to organize and complete image editing tasks without any hassle. You can process files one by one or just batch process all with single click.

PhotoEQ simplifies working with color correction and color management. PhotoEQ’s automatic color correction corrects white balance, exposure and contrast problems in single step. PhotoEQ has full support for standard ICC-profile based color management and it supports embedded profiles. PhotoEQ can convert and render between different color spaces. For example conversion from RGB to CMYK.


1. Disconnect Internet connection

2. Run app’s setup

3. After installation Use the License key  for registration.

4. Block its IneterNet connection with firewall

5. Thanks To Original Uploader


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SoftColor PhotoEQ

License Key

SoftColor PhotoEQ v1.9.9.9 Incl License Key


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