Senior Homescreen Pro v1.0.2 Premium Unlocked APK

Senior Homescreen Pro v1.0.2 Premium Unlocked APK

Senior Homescreen Pro

.: DESCRiPTiON :..

This app is specially crafted the help senior citizens use their smart phone. Usually they only need a few apps, and that’s exactly what this app offers. By default three apps are configured already, but you can change this to whatever app you need. The setup should ideally be done by someone who feels comfortable with smartphones already.

My grandfather uses the dialer, text messages, camera, photos, Whatsapp and the weather. The config screen easy accessible, but only on purpose, so no accidental changing of this app’s settings.

Unlike the free version, the pro version does not contains ads. After 30 days, the free version will start to show ads, but the pro version will never ever show ads. Thanks for the support!


For the best performance select Senior Homescreen as your launcher app. Press the home button of your phone after installing Senior Homescreen, and select ‘Alwayse use’ Senior Homescreen as your launcher application.


Temporarily introduction pricing, just €0,99! Don’t wait to long!
It has become even easier to use Senior Homescreen. There are extra menu options to help you set and reset Senior Homescreen as your default homescreen. Do not hesitate to try it out, it’s easy to reset if you want. But chances are that you are sold with the simplicity and ease on Senior Homescreen.
Next to the help screens, the loading of apps also has become faster, but that’s just a detail. Have fun!


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Senior Homescreen Pro v1.0.2 Premium Unlocked APK


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