JetBrains PyCharm Professional 2017.2.1 License Key

JetBrains PyCharm Professional 2017.2.1 License Key

.: DESCRiPTiON :..

PyCharm  – The intelligent Python IDE with unique code assistance and analysis, for productive Python development on all levels. Professional Edition — advanced tool for advanced Python and Web development.
Support for modern web development frameworks, such as Django, Flask, Google App Engine, Pyramid, web2py, etc.
Smart multi-language and cross-technology support, covering Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, Cython, Template languages and more
Running, debugging and testing applications on remote hosts or virtual machines
Databases and SQL support, Class and database model diagrams

•Intelligent Code Editor
•Easy Code Navigation & Search
•Code Analysis
•Configurable language injections
•Python Refactoring
•Django IDE + JavaScript, HTML
•Django Templates Editing
•Django-Specific Code and Files
•Code insight for Django models and fields: navigation, autocompletion with type inference.
•Other Templating Languages
•Django Templates Debugging
•CoffeeScript & TypeScript
•JavaScript Debugger
•and much more ..

What’s New in version
This update contains a lot of improvements: IPython Notebook integration, the debugger, the embedded local terminal, Git and Subversion support, resolve of class references, Lettuce support, CSS support – all this have got our attention.
Also there is one small but handy feature. If you open a Python console tool window and would like to have more then one consoles there, now there is a special button just for that:

No subsystem:
WEB-14686 (Bug): Run Configurations: “CreateProcess error=87, The parameter is incorrect” error on invalid environment variable
IDEA-131621 (Bug): IDEA 139.144.2 takes forever to start. Hangs on 100% splash screen state
IDEA-131770 (Bug): IllegalStateException on start
WEB-14133 (Bug): Live template is evaluated inside another live template placeholder (scope: JSON)

PY-14678 (Bug): Lettuce should allow user to pass all arguments including -t, -r and others
PY-14796 (Bug): Running lettuce 0.2.19 fails

Build tools:
WEB-14606 (Feature): Gulp: use default run configuration when fetching tasks from gulpfile
WEB-13924 (Feature): Gulp: RC: provide possibility to define arguments for tasks
WEB-14508 (Feature): Add ability to hide gulp tasks from “Select Run/Debug configuration” dropdown

WEB-14635 (Cosmetics): Intention settings for CSS: remove extra line from ‘Description’
WEB-14647 (Bug): Incorrect visualization of partially duplicated code blocks in css files.
WEB-14664 (Bug): Editor pane should recognize @charset-declared encoding for CSS/SCSS files
WEB-14733 (Bug): CSS calc erroneously shown to be syntax error for complex subexpressions
WEB-14308 (Bug): Mouse focus lost on style and script tags
WEB-12616 (Bug): Auto-formatting adds extra space – breaks CSS

PY-14513 (Feature): PyCharm 4.0 – Multiple Consoles
PY-14847 (Usability Problem): Execute selection in console: don’t ask for target console when one is visible

PY-12782 (Usability Problem): pydevd.CheckAliveThread not killed when stoptrace() called
PY-13861 (Bug): Remote Debug Server: remote console output is not translated to debug console
IDEA-134572 (Bug): Watch edit by mouse click is triggered when it should not
PY-1509 (Bug): Debug variable inspection pane/tree does not support MultiValueDict
PY-14779 (Bug): ImportErrors with runserver in debug mode
PY-5834 (Bug): Incosistent representation of escaped values in debugger variable inspector

PY-12349 (Bug): Do not suggest live templates inside string literals

File System:
IDEA-134360 (Bug): Deadlock in vfs

RUBY-15995 (Bug): Rubymine 7 command line launcher doesn’t exit on OSX

IDE Configuration:
IDEA-134370 (Performance Problem): Check connection via proxy freezes IDEA completely
IDEA-134737 (Bug): can’t download plugin
IDEA-133305 (Security Problem): using TLS and a correct TLS/SSL certificate for product updates

IPython Notebook:
PY-14396 (Usability Problem): IPython Notebook: allow to specify already running notebook server on run cell
PY-14816 (Performance Problem): IPython Notebook: Pycharm is unresponsive when trying to start notebook server
PY-14503 (Bug): IPython Notebook, command-shift-up/down moves cell correctly, but scrolls to another location in the notebook
PY-14199 (Bug): IPython Notebook Editing in Pycharm causes “bad request” error when loading in web browser
PY-14819 (Bug): IPython Notebook: invalid link to settings in popup for missing configuration
PY-14312 (Bug): IPython Notebook: cell gets collapsed when editor width is too narrow for the output width
PY-14311 (Bug): IPython Notebook: Statement expected false positive for magic functions entered in just created cells
PY-14814 (Exception): IPython Notebook: commitDocument left PSI inconsistent: Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.DebugUtil.currentStackTrace

IDEA-134115 (Bug): Scanning files to index scans ‘excluded’ folders

PY-11932 (Bug): unresolved reference for c only libraries when library is installed by buildout
PY-11401 (Bug): pycharm code completion works but inserts unresolved references

WEB-13350 (Bug): Harmony modules: import star syntax does not work
WEB-14269 (Bug): Structure View for JSON: Collapse All does expand instead of collapse

JavaScript. Formatter:
WEB-14661 (Bug): JavaScript: Formatter: Assertion Error with enabled “Wrap at right margin” option on Code Cleanup action

WEB-14596 (Bug): `fade(#000, 50%)` background value must be valid in *.less files

Language Injection:
IDEA-133425 (Bug): JSON language injection in java string complains about escaped quotes

PHP templates:
WI-25683 (Bug): Smarty Paste Problem

Remote Interpreters:
PY-14829 (Performance Problem): Remote Interpreters: hang on trying to add new remote interperter

PY-14767 (Bug): Script Parameters not working as expected when used with “show command line afterwards”

Task Management:
IDEA-134191 (Bug): Tools -> Tasks -> Server -> Gitlab: allows access to first 20 projects only

IDEA-134893 (Performance Problem): SSH Terminal: hang on trying to close PyCharm after failed connection
IDEA-118860 (Performance Problem): SSH Terminal: Do not block UI on trying to connect to remote host
IDEA-124136 (Bug): SSH sessions not available in the Start SSH Session dialog
IDEA-134741 (Bug): Terminal: the toolwindow remains empty after opening
IDEA-118842 (Bug): Ineffective console standard output color (Terminal)
IDEA-118869 (Exception): SSH terminal: can’t handle connection error correctly
IDEA-134487 (Exception): Terminal: not able to open without console foreground set: ISE at org.jetbrains.plugins.terminal.JBTerminalSystemSettingsProvider$MyColorSchemeDelegate.getDefaultForeground

User Interface:
IDEA-132237 (Usability Problem): Notification messages could have some useful actions
IDEA-104113 (Exception): Exception occurs if pressing alt+F1 shortcut (“Select In…” action) in repository browser

Version Control:
IDEA-117448 (Performance Problem): ShelvedChangesViewManager should not process all patches in config.patches on project load

Version Control. Git:
IDEA-68866 (Feature): Please support “reword” and “fixup” rebase options
IDEA-134721 (Usability Problem): Git: interactive Rebase: show error on Fixup option selecting for the very first commit
IDEA-88890 (Usability Problem): Notify user about Git Rebase is finished
IDEA-134736 (Performance Problem): Freeze on open commit dialog with more than 10000 files removed
IDEA-134564 (Task): GitHandler auth listener does not detect authentication failed.
IDEA-81563 (Bug): “Resolve conflicts…” option under “VCS | Git” is doing nothing after merge conflict in submodules
IDEA-123397 (Bug): Git: History for file doesn’t show anything before the move if there were too many changes in the commit that moved the file
IDEA-133564 (Bug): Version Control – Git settings for Force Push are stored separately
IDEA-133873 (Bug): pre-commit hook that modifies files
IDEA-134424 (Bug): IntelliJ fails to show the interactive rebase dialog if there are “fixup” commits
IDEA-133737 (Bug): Regression for case with git+ssh+http_proxy

Version Control. Subversion:
IDEA-113535 (Usability Problem): Allow to Revert all Locally deleted files
IDEA-105028 (Task): Remove org.jetbrains.idea.svn.actions.AddAction
IDEA-103447 (Bug): Button “…” in “configure subversion branches” dialog is disabled
IDEA-113468 (Bug): Subversion1.8: Lock operation hangs up if no credentials are provided
IDEA-131822 (Bug): Subversion checkout dialog no longer intelligently suggests folders
IDEA-131171 (Bug): Weird SVN error message during diff
IDEA-125347 (Bug): svn error browsing for changes since a date
IDEA-124213 (Bug): VCS Local Change View – New unversioned file not listed if package is unversioned too
IDEA-133835 (Bug): Error on creating SVN patch
IDEA-110604 (Bug): Negative number of unversioned files in changes pane (PyCharm 2.7.3 @ macos 10.8.4)


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JetBrains PyCharm Professional 2017.2.1 License Key

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