ProDAD VitaScene 2.0.245 Incl Keygen

ProDAD VitaScene 2.0.245 Incl Keygen


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f you are a professional video editor or simply trying out your hand at this art, you need a nice tool to work with. Vitascene is an advanced image editor that comes with an extensive list of effects and moods.

The program has a clean interface that shouldn’t be too difficult to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout.

Vitascene enables users to preview how the effects look before applying them. A great number of options are gathered under several categories, such as “Film Look”, “Film Look – Extrem”, “Film Look – Tint”, “Old Film”, “Defocus”, “Blur”, “Rays”, “Mask”, “Border”, “Sparkle”, “Glim”, “Dirty” and “Contrast Look”, to name just a few.

As mentioned, there are several options available to choose from in each category and they may all be modified to suit your needs by adjusting features such as the intensity and frequency, but also some color adjustment details, such as the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and gamma values.
The image editor supports a wide range of formats for the imported files, namely ASF, AVI, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PGM, PNG, PPM, PSD, SGI, TARGA, TIFF and WMF. However, the videos can be exported only to AVI, JPEG, PNG, PPM, SGI, TARGA and TIFF.

The bottom line is that Vitascene is a great tool that can be quite useful. Despite the fact that the program comes with advanced features, it is quite easy to handle. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, even less experienced individuals should be able to figure it out.

Advantages of plug-ins
ProDAD Adorage (Transitions)
ProDAD Vitascene V2 Pro (Filter)
ProDAD Mercalli V2 Pro (Filter)
ProDAD Mercalli V4 (Filter)
Videostar VisTitle V.26 (Titler)
NB Amplify plus (Effects, Titler)
ISP Robuskey (Chromakey)
ProDAD Heroglyph V4 Pro (Titler)
Neat Video (video noise reduction)
Voxengo Voxformer (VST)
Acon Restoration Suite (VST
Acon Deverberate (VST)

ProDAD Vitascene V2 Pro – effects and filters

ProDAD Vitascene V2 Pro is the optimal tool to give your video a special look, create a mood or just add more individuality.
Vitascene V2 Pro includes over 600 fully customizable effects in broadcast quality.
As mentioned by the manufacturer ProDAD Vitascene V2 Pro is an  „All in one solution“. It contains:

•             Transition effects

•             Video filters (e.g. tilt-shift)

•             Filmlook effects

•             Text effects

•             Tools for picture optimization

When using ProDAD Vitascene V2 Pro you can concentrate more on the creative part of your work, since all effects are rendered super-fast by a graphics card’s GPU.
Depending on your GPU’s performance, time consuming rendering belongs to the past.
Due to GPU processing even complex effects can be rendered 50 times faster than before.
Modern graphics cards have an extremely high level of computing power, which is vastly superior to that of the CPUs used in PCs. With Vitascene this power is used to create effects!
Here you can find out if your graphics card is applicable for Vitascene speed-rendering:

Add highlights to your scenes by using light filters. Create reflections in your films with gleaming light, a romantic mood with color-or light/ dark changes, dynamic or epochal atmospheres.
Your most important scenes can be presented with a spotlight effect, or animated and perfected with a simple keyframe.
Optimize your video by setting sharpness and contrast, color and brightness.

When rendering effects ProDAD Vitascene V2 Pro also includes the affected clips. If for example an object meets a light effect, even the object itself will start glowing. When the object moves further away from the light source the glow intensity will decrease.
By simply changing some parameters you can get high quality effects – much easier and faster than in other software.

ProDAD Vitascene V2 Pro support alpha channel and offers special text effects for highlighting titles and logos.
The tilt-shift effect which is new in Version 2 just needs few clicks to convert your video into a fantastic toy landscape – without having used any special camera lens.


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ProDAD VitaScene 2.0.245 Incl Keygen


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