Piccure+ Standalone Incl Crack

Piccure+ Standalone Incl Crack


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piccure+ is a reliable choice for photographers for correcting optical aberrations, camera shake and blur from optical low pass filters (OLPF) – three major reasons for a lack of image sharpness. It is the first software solution that actively addresses the problem of copy-to-copy variation in lenses and corrects optical aberrations specifically for your equipment. It integrates seamlessly as a plugin (filter) into Adobe® Photoshop®, Photoshop® Elements and Lightroom®. It can also be called directly from within DxO Optics Pro® and PhaseOne CaptureOne®. piccure+ also works as standalone including RAW converter. piccure+ is developed by a team of professionals (Professors and PhDs) and has been on the market for several years.

piccure+ uses a novel method that essentially inverts the optical processes that cause images to look blurry. This novel technology (called blind deconvolution) is built into a reliable program and maintained by professionals with several years (decades) of experience. With the help of piccure+, your equipment can now be upgraded with the click of a button. In addition, piccure+ is the first program that actively addresses the problem of copy-to-copy variation in lenses. piccure+’s adaptive algorithms correct optical aberrations individually for each lens and do not rely on lens profiles. We highly recommend Roger Cicala’s article on quality assurance and lens-to-lens variation. Complex lenses suffer from variation. Click here (external link) to find out more. piccure+ is useful for both expensive fast lenses as well as for economic zoom lenses. The improvements get more substantial with increasing image size since many lenses cannot match today’s sensor resolution of up to 36 or even 50 megapixels. Only with the latest and best lenses, and ideally with a camera mounted on a tripod, will photographers directly benefit from these large sensor resolutions. In all other cases, piccure+ can help you make full use of your sensor. piccure+ also addresses the lack of sharpness caused by built-in optical low-pass filters (OLPF).
piccure+ can help you do the following:

•    Counter lens softness for any lens/camera combination, particularly at open aperture.
•    Counter varying degrees of sharpness across the image (level sharpness).
•    Counter slight camera defocus (e.g. if you did not micro-adjusted your autofocus).
•    Counter lens-to-lens sample variation—don’t worry whether your lens is as good as “the others”.
•    Counter diffraction.
•    Counter the effects from optical low-pass filters (OLPF).
•    Counter the effects from micro-shakes.

Lens+ is a novel, real world feature that is revolutionizing image sharpening. Thanks to a sophisticated set of algorithms and the latest deconvolution routines, it is now possible to correct images for lens softness and chromatic aberration—the most common errors that affect image sharpness. Lens+ recreates a virtual flawless lens, estimates the optical aberrations, and reverses their effects. Your pictures will thus become significantly sharper. It also addresses the decrease of sharpness caused by optical low-pass filters (OLPF). piccure+ gives ALL your lenses a nice upgrade and (unlike most other investments) does not render your current equipment obsolete.

Motion+ gives photographers the ability to account for camera shake during post-processing. Professional photographers find this feature compelling, especially because micro-shakes can be corrected. The powerful algorithms can correct medium or severe camera shakes.

piccure+’s innovative approach provides photographers with an important benefit. It allows optical corrections to be made for every lens/camera combination. Even images from less popular digital cameras, analogue cameras, etc. can now be corrected. We don’t charge extra for expensive equipment.

A powerful standalone application with an easy-to-use batch functionality and full RAW support is also available—no third-party software is needed. piccure+ also supports a wide range of ICC color profiles and as a result accommodates your needs for color management. sRGB, AdobeRGB, and ProPhotoRGB are fully supported. piccure+ is highly optimized through full multiprocessor support and leverages your CPU’s intrinsic functions. It also provides efficient RAM management. It will not clog up your system and will free up RAM immediately. In Windows, piccure+ leverages Nvidia GPUs (2+ GB) for faster processing. Currently, GPU support is not available for Mac platforms.
piccure+ fully integrates into your workflow. It works as a standalone as well as a plugin for Adobe® Photoshop®, Lightroom®, or Photoshop Elements®. It seamlessly integrates into the batch functionality of Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom®. In addition, it can be called from DxO Optics Pro or PhaseOnce CaptureOne. Leverage our capabilities without altering your workflow.


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Piccure+ Standalone Incl Crack


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