FXhome PhotoKey 8 Pro 8.0.16264.10300 Incl Activation Loader

FXhome PhotoKey 8 Pro 8.0.16264.10300 Incl Activation Loader


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PhotoKey is a helpful piece of software that lets you add different types of backgrounds and foregrounds to pictures.

The interface of the software program is modern and quite intuitive. This means that any type of person is going to be able to use it, without actually needing to have a lot of previous experience.

The software utility provides extensive Help contents, including online video tutorials, classic written ones and step-by-step tutorials.

The application provides users with a large number of templates for both foregrounds and backgrounds, so that you can easily test the program’s capabilities and learn how to work with all the available tools.

The aforementioned options enable you to remove red eye, change the color difference and Chroma key, and add certain filters such as transparency, brightness, saturation, color temperature and balance, and contrast. You can create an unlimited number of layers to your photographs, change the position of certain items, append effects and text.

When exporting your projects, you can select from file formats such as PNG, JPG and TIFF. The level of compression is also subject to modifying, which is a very useful feature that enables you to control the size of the created files without losing quality.

There is also the possibility of batch processing photographs, which makes the program efficient for large scale event photography. The interface of the application is customizable, seeing that the toolset position can be changed, as well as the viewer controls.

To sum up, PhotoKey is a very useful piece of software that enables you to easily change the background of a photograph. There are a lot of options available for editing images, including a batch processing system. Our tests did not reveal any bugs or crashes.

Shooting portraits on a green screen is ideal for fashion, promotional and family photography. Keep your options open and give clients more choice.
Adaptive color sampling – PhotoKey 6 Pro compensates for uneven green screens, which means faster shooting, easier keying and higher quality edge detail.
Simplicity – PhotoKey removes the green screen instantly. You can then fine tune and choose a new background for your photo.
Quality results – High quality photos of semi-transparent objects such as lace, glass and wispy hair create accurate results in PhotoKey 6 Pro.

Take the stress out of big events. PhotoKey 6 Pro handles the technical side so that you can focus on the photography.
Batch processing – Choose your backgrounds, set up your canvas, then take your photographs. Hundreds of photos can be processed without requiring direct interaction with your computer.
Hot folder – Tether your camera to your computer and PhotoKey will begin processing your photos the moment you click the shutter.

If you shoot products for catalogues or website stores, actors for movie posters or models for magazine advertisements, a clean subject layer keeps your options open and your clients happy.

Photoshop integration – Send a layer from Photoshop to PhotoKey for easy green screen removal, with the result sent straight back. No interruptions to your workflow.

Super fast processing – No more cutting people out manually or wrestling with the lasso tool. PhotoKey instantly prepares your images, ready for use in a catalogue or on a website.


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FXhome PhotoKey 8 Pro 8.0.16264.10300 Incl Activation Loader

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