Nero 2014 Platinum 15.0.08500 Final Inc (Keygen DI)

Nero 2014 Platinum 15.0.08500 Final Inc (Keygen DI)

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.: DESCRiPTiON :..
Nero 2014 Platinum – The Platinum Standard in HD Multimedia

* Manage and create with confidence and ease
* Burn high quality discs and convert virtually any format
* Play it all

NEW! Nero Play to TV streaming

– NEW! Now stream movies to your TV with 1-click and control them via your TV’s remote control right from your couch.
– NEW! The cool new feature Slideshow to TV lets you stream your very own high quality slideshows with one click through Nero MediaHome to your TV including themes, effects and music.

NEW! 1-click Disc to Device conversion1)

– NEW! Effortlessly transcode and send your video or audio disc content to any connected device or virtual drive
– NEW! 1-click transcode and send video or audio disc content to any connected device or virtual drive
– NEW! Now with Nero Disc to Device take video discs and Audio CDs on the go easily.

NEW! Ultra HD (4K) video editing

– NEW! Ultra HD (4K) video editing for cinema quality videos
– NEW! High quality video filters, transitions and titles with the new format
– NEW! Nero 4K video editing supports trimming, arranging, cropping, rotating, multitrack overlay editing and a sophisticated Picture-in-Picture generator

NEW! Ultimate Mobile Device support

– Includes ultimate mobile device support for latest and greatest iOS, Android and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets
– Preconfigured profiles for the most popular mobile devices when converting discs
– Optimized encoding performance makes best use of your PC’s hardware

 1. Close your internet connection. IMPORTANT

2. IMPORTANT : UNINSTALL OLD VERSIONS. Delete the Nero folders manually
if they weren’t removed during uninstall. They are generally;

c:Program FilesNero  -AND-
c:Program FilesCommon FilesNero folders
OR (on 64 bit systems)
c:Program Files (x86)Nero  -AND-
c:Program Files (x86)Common FilesNero

3. Install the application (with admin rights) by double clicking on
“Nero2014-15.0.07700_trial.exe” (to default directory)

a. Enter the key below OR from “keygen.exe” in “Nero 2014 keygen DI” folder
(All 0’s are zero and letters are upper case.)

b. Uncheck “automatic updates” option and check “No thanks” for
“Join nero product development program”

c. Close the application. (It will say BUY, do not worry)

4. Run “keygen.exe” in “Nero 2014 keygen DI” folder

a. Click on “patch” button and wait for finish.
b. Click on “Generate” button for a pair of code.
c. Open Nero ControlCenter
d. Delete old serial(s) (Right click on it and click remove)
e. Enter serial number. (Use “Add” button)
f. Click on “Add” button again and enter “Patent Activation Code”
from keygen. (You may use Ctrl + v  to paste after copy the codes)

5. IMPORTANT : Some security programs may give warning for patch. It is false
positive, ignore it.

6. Open your internet connection and run NERO.

* If patching is not successful reboot your system and close your security
software and try the patch again. Read “diginsan.nfo” in “Nero 2014 keygen DI”
folder for other alternatives.

7. Thanks To Original Uploader DI Team &  ChingLiu*

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Nero 2014 Platinum 15.0.08500 Final Inc (Keygen DI)


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