My Movies Pro 2 – Movies & TV v2.21 Build 2 Patched Apk

My Movies Pro 2 – Movies & TV v2.21 Build 2 Patched Apk


.: DESCRiPTiON :..

Quick and easy catalog your movies & TV Series – the application is not for downloading or watching content!
Add hundreds or thousands of DVD, Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD titles to your database within short time using our blazingly fast batch barcode scanning functionality through the camera on your device, or search for, and add your collection of iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video or other digital copy formats, or even your collection of legacy VHS or LaserDiscs.

Share your database through a household user account across multiple devices and platforms, or connect with your friends using our exclusive “Friends” functionality to view their collection, see what they have added to their database recently or what they have watched recently – you can even see if a title you are looking to add to your own database is already in a friends library.

Detailed data for your titles are automatically added from our online service, which is best in class, containing more than a million titles with localised data for different countries, and including all details, such as high resolution cover art, trailers, backdrops, synopsis, cast & crew, and much more. Should you have a title that we do not, you can quickly report it to our staff, and we will add it within 48 hours.

This application outperforms any competitor in data- coverage, -quality and -detail level, speed of operation and scanning, available functionality and support – but try for yourself. Import from other applications, including CLZ Movies, DVD Profiler, Movie Collection & Inventory, Movie Manager & Collector and more.

Try it yourself by installing My Movies Free which is limited to 50 titles, but otherwise contains identical functionality. The application requires you to create a user account, or log in using facebook – through the user account, your collection from the Free app will transfer to the Pro application when upgrading – the user account also ensures that your collection will always follow you across devices, and your database can easily be restored in case of a device reset or replacement.

Notice! If you have a problem or a suggestion, please contact us on [email protected] We are unable to help you with problems if you only leave a comment in the store. The quality and stability of the application is our top priority, and we will happily help you with any problem or concerns you might have.

Highlighted feature list:
★ Fast and accurate batch barcode scanning.
★ Reported missing titles are created into the database within 48 hours.
★ Add missing data to profiles, or report incorrect data to our staff.
★ Online catalog of more than one million DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD titles, movies and TV Series.
★ Keep track your disc titles (DVD and Blu-ray) or digital copies.
★ Keep track of movies watched in theaters, or movies or TV Series watched on streaming services.
★ Detailed data with genre, description, cast & crew, parental rating, audio tracks, subtitles, cover type, digital copies and more.
★ High resolution and zoomable cover art, posters and backdrops.
★ Automatic profile updates for your library to contain latest and most accurate data.
★ Personal data options for rating, location, tags, notes, purchase details & value, location categories and more.
★ Online web based collection to share with family and friends
★ Loan management.
★ Watch trailers.
★ Different views with customisation options, and both a black and white interface option.
★ Protect your database with pin based parental controls.
★ Advanced options for filtering, searching and sorting.
★ Browse and search collection of friends.
★ Use same collection with automatic and always updated online synchronisation across multiple devices.
★ Releases section with upcoming DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD titles.
★ Links to IMDB.
★ Integration with Facebook and Twitter.
★ Shake to random title.
★ E-mail collection as TXT or CSV.


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My Movies Pro 2 – Movies & TV v2.21 Build 2 Patched Apk



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