Mobile Optimizer PRO v1.4 Paid Apk

Mobile Optimizer PRO v1.4 Paid Apk

Mobile Optimizer

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Mobile Optimizer PRO is a powerful Smartphone Cleaner, Speed Booster, Junk Cleaner, App Manager, and Battery Saver.

This is the best background app cleaner and battery booster for your smartphone.

Smartphone Cleaner helps to accelerate and clean up your phone.
With the Phone Optimizer you can boost your phone with a single click and also preserve battery life.
Mobile Optimizer PRO Features:
⍣ One-Touch Memory Booster – just touch the boost button and all unnecessary apps and services will be closed – and the maximum free RAM will be maximized.
⍣ Cache & Junk Cleaner – identifies all data that is unnecessary (Cache files, Residual files, obsolete APKs, unnecessary data from apps)
⍣ Advanced memory booster (auto close apps, select specific apps for boost)
⍣ Apps Manager: go through all apps / chhoose apps to uninstall, get system info about phones hardware, Back Up
⍣ Battery Saver : Auto turn off bluetooth, auto decrease brightness, auto turn off wifi, auto kill apps when battery is low, auto brightness control based on light, auto turn off sync when battery is low)

So start now and get rid of redundant apps, redundant data. Empty the memory from running apps that You do not need and get a cleaner and faster system in minutes.

Help Your battery to last longer by optimizing the battery settings.

Free Up the RAM for better performance of Your system. Allocate more memory for the apps that You really use. Be aware of apps that You do not need anymore.


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Mobile Optimizer PRO v1.4 Paid Apk


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