Microsoft reveal windows Technical preview 2014 forum

Microsoft reveal windows Technical preview 2014 forum

On September 30, Microsoft is widely expected to give the world its first official look at Windows 9 aka” windows TH”.
To this point, rumors indicate that Windows 9 will likely include a revamped version of the Start menu, a version of Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant, and a reworked Windows Update which may give you the ability to download brand new versions of Windows straight from the utility.

Now we know that the download URL for the Windows Technical Preview when it goes live (complete with a tiny screenshot showing the new Start menu), we also know that the 32-bit version of the ISO file will be just over 3GB, while the 64-bit version will be about 4GB.

While Windows 9 is the easiest name that comes to mind is seems like Microsoft already created a new category for the coming new OS under the name of  Winpreview2014,we still don’t know the real name of new generation of windows but it could be “Windows preview 2014”

The details aren’t exactly huge but it shows things are well underway for the next version of Windows and that a technical preview for those who want to be first in line to give it a go.

Microsoft reveal windows Technical preview 2014 forum


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