MAGIX Sequoia Incl Crack

MAGIX Sequoia Incl Crack

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Sequoia 14 has been developed in close collaboration with leading recording studios, industry partners, TV productions and broadcasters. This high-definition DAW is one of the world’s leading solutions for professional audio production, broadcasting and mastering.

Spectral Cleaning is especially useful for post-editing live recordings and interviews containing noises from moving chairs, cell phones and coughing. Using conventional filters and complicated crossfade editing usually takes a lot of time and often results in changes to the useful signal.

The spectrograph display (time on the horizontal axis, frequency on the vertical axis and color-coded amplitude) as well as A/B testing options make it possible to accurately restore the desired signal. Audio disturbances can be easily selected for removal with the mouse. Elements that have gone missing from the original frequency spectrum are recalculated into the recording using interpolation or transitions from the surrounding usable signal.
Spectral cleaning highlights

Direct track selection in spectral cleaning dialog
Individual track-based editing
Reference track: Apply changes made to a track to other selected tracks
Leave dialog open: Leave the dialog open following calculation
New shortcuts for playback and for saving zoom ranges and presets

For the avant gardists among the mastering engineers, Sequoia provides much more than just a familiar working environment.
Sequoia’s mastering area not only contains excellent plug-ins, such as linear EQ, but also streamlined workflows and data exchange in line with industry standards (e.g. DDP export).
MP3/AAC audition plug-in

Under “Encoder preview” in the Master Plug-ins section, there is an encoder preview plug-in, which you can use during editing to preview projects that you plan to export as AAC or MP3 using the encoder settings.
You can change the export settings directly in the dialog window. During the mastering process you have the option of taking the idiosyncrasies of the encoder into account and adjusting the quality relative to the requirements (e.g. “Mastered for iTunes”).
MP3/AAC audition plug-in
CD/DVD mastering

Sequoia lets you burn CD masters directly from a multi-track project or an audio project. This means that the whole process, from recording to master CD, is covered by Sequoia. The CDs produced are 100% Red Book-compatible and can be sent directly for pressing. The CDs can be configured to include copy protection, UPC/EAN, ISRC, pre-emphasis, and CD text.
In order to reduce the bit depth to the 16-bit CD-format and preserve the highest level of quality possible, Samplitude includes POW-r dithering. Developed by the POW-r Consortium, this patented algorithm works on a psycho-acoustic basis to permit word length reduction with a very high degree of usable signal dynamics, with or without noise shaping. Audio material with higher sample rates may be burned in stereo or Surround to audio DVDs. Audio files are burned uncompressed (linear PCM) according to the DVD audio standard.
DDP import/export

Sequoia supports professional file exchange between mastering studios and pressing plants. DDP masters are mastered CDs that aren’t burned to audio CDs. They are digital data provided with a checksum that are sent to the pressing plant to guarantee that the production is absolutely free of errors. It’s also possible to import DDP masters for editing or to compare them to the original project.
Sonoris Sequoia DDP Player

The Sonoris DDP player is a standalone application contained in Sequoia and can be used to check DDP masters that you have created yourself or received from others. You can playback tracks and track transitions, see all PQ codes, ISRC, MCN and CD text data, and automatically check projects for RedBook compatibility. The DDP player can read DDP 1.0x and 2.00 formats.
Import/export of ISRC in Broadcast Wave files
Sequoia can read and write to Broadcast Wave files in accordance with EBU Tech 3352 ISRC. This is an important step towards optimally supporting mastering engineers working with modern, file-based workflows.

Sequoia offers direct connection to broadcast databases and automation systems, including DAVID DigaSystem, SCISYS dira! Highlander, TRACT Digispot and d’accord.
Sequoia’s interface guarantees seamless integration, whether for news, features or multi-track projects. Productions can be imported and exported from any workstation at the press of a button. Depending on the level of integration, audio files and even entire Sequoia projects are supported.
The entirety of the audio material and the Sequoia projects are saved on database servers. Automatic backup and deletion routines maintain data integrity at all times. Incremental and differential saving results in reduced network load and saves a lot of time. Only project changes are saved, instead of complete projects.

Import/export of ISRC in Broadcast Wave files
Export in broadcast wave files compliant with EBU Tech 3352
The ISRCs are written into the wave file during export with the setting “Each CD track in a file”.
In the Broadcast Wave Manger the ISRCs of wave files are displayed and can be edited.
After loading wave files into a mastering project (sequentially on the first track), CD indices that include the respective ISRC can be set automatically using the function “Set track indices on Object Edges”. These are used for CD burning or DDP export of the project and don’t need to be entered manually.
During CD import as single wave files, the BWF-ISRC entry is simultaneously written into these files.
ISRC display options in objects


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MAGIX Sequoia Incl Crack

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