Macrorit Disk Partition Expert v3.8.3 Unlimited Incl Keygen

Macrorit Disk Partition Expert v3.8.3 Unlimited Incl Keygen

Macrorit Disk Partition Expert

.: DESCRiPTiON :..

How to Fast Extend Partition with Partition Software?
Macrorit Software

Server Partition Manager
Partition Manager for Enterprise
Free Hdd Surface Test
Free Disk Partition Wiper
Free NTFS to FAT32 Converter
Satisfaction Guaranteed
New! 1 second to extend NTFS partition for Windows Vista and later OSs.
New! Extend system partition without REBOOT for Windows Vista and later OSs.
New! Align partition: improve the speed of disk on reading and writing data, especially for SSD.
New! Upgraded to the famous Windows 8 / Office 2013 user interface.
New! Added portable edition for windows.
New! Added Core.api. Bugs fixed in previous version: including 0x00004642 error code; ERR_EXTEND_VOLUME, etc.
Convert MBR to GPT disk without data losing.
Wipe free space/unallocated space.
Shorten the loading time, added splash.
Convert Primary partition to Logical without data loss and vice versa.
Support to resize FAT partition and change cluster size.
Support to resize FAT32 partition up to 2TB.
Support to format large drive in FAT32 partition up to 2TB.
Support disk larger than 2TB, full support 512Byte/1K/2K/4K sector size.

Windows Partition Operations
Resize system/data partition: extend/enlarge, shrink and move partition without data losing.
Create partitions: resolve the problems of creating partition in built-in Disk Management. It allows freely create logical, primary partition with more advanced settings.
Format partition: format the NTFS partition to FAT32 partition although it is larger than 32GB. (Break the limitation of Disk Management)
Partition surface test: scan the partition (Choose scan area) to check the bad sectors and locate the back sectors.
Defrag partition: advanced disk defrag engine can maximum hard drive performance.
Wipe partition: permanently wipe the data on the target partition and prevent from recovering by any data recovery tool.
Other features: Set Active, Hide/Unhide, Change Label, Change Drive Letter, Explore, View Props, Check partitions.
Windows Disk Operations
Delete all partitions, offline/online, read-only/writable, wipe, clean up, view props and surface test.


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Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Unlimited

Keygen  Keygen

Macrorit Disk Partition Expert v3.8.3 Unlimited Incl Keygen

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