LophtCrack Password Auditor Enterprise 7.0.13 Incl Crack

LophtCrack Password Auditor Enterprise 7.0.13 Incl Crack


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L0phtCrack is a powerful program that can help you extract cryptographic hash values and audit passkeys.

Powerful software utility that features an intuitive wizard mode
This software utility has a modern and minimal design. In addition to that, it is user-friendly, which means that any type of person is able to work with it, even if they are beginners.
The program opens with a wizard, so as to help you choose all the necessary options in order to start the search process: location to retrieve passwords from, auditing method, and reporting style.

Recover passwords from numerous sources
You can recover keys from a local or remote machine, local network or even from emergency repair disks and backup tapes made from Windows NT 4.0 (SAM file). There are also multiple types of auditing: a quick one where L0phtCrack checks for simple passwords found in a dictionary, while a common search checks for plain passkeys and most used modifications of dictionary words. The last type of scan includes the first described ones and also looks for all combinations of standard letters and numbers.

The software utility supports import from the local or remote machine, and formats such as SAM, LC4 and PWDUMP. The built-in dictionary can be edited and removed, or you can add others (DIC files).

Assess the strength of your passwords
Once the auditing session is finished, the main window is going to display a report, containing important information such as password length distribution, risk status, character sets (expressed in percentage), and number of accounts and domains.

You can schedule audits and tasks, as well as disable accounts and force password changes, features that greatly enhance ease of use.

All in all, L0phtCrack is an efficient piece of software that helps you scan for different types of passkeys on local or remote machines, local networks etc., aided by an intuitive wizard and powerful import capabilities.


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LophtCrack Password Auditor Enterprise 7.0.13 Incl Crack


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