Linkman Pro v8.90.0.0 Incl Patch

Linkman Pro v8.90.0.0 Incl Patch


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Linkman is a bookmark manager that efficiently organizes large numbers of bookmarks. Linkman directly integrates with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera browsers, and supports many other browsers. Synchronizing bookmarks between browsers and among computers is also possible. You get the choice to manage your bookmarks by keywords only, folders only, or folders and keywords. Linkman will extract keywords from web sites and update moved web addresses. The bookmark collection can be protected by a password. With a screenshot tutorial, an introduction video, and a comprehensive PDF manual, getting started has never been easier!

Let’s face it — the browser bookmark management was designed with the casual internet user in mind. But for some of us, links and bookmarks are a part of our daily work lives. Things start getting unwieldy and slow when our bookmarks start numbering in the thousands (and for some folks, even ten thousands!). But thanks to the bookmark manager Linkman, bookmark management is a joy! Linkman stores your bookmarks in local, extremely fast, easily backup-able XML databases, and is known for providing 15 years of high data security. Because of constant updates Linkman is the only bookmark manager to support the latest web browser editions.

Sync Bookmarks across all browsers and computers
With Linkman (both Lite and Pro editions) you can sync bookmarks across all of your browsers. If you add a new bookmark in one browser, for example Google Chrome, the bookmark becomes immediately synchronized, and you can access it through the Linkman Addons in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and the Opera browser. With Linkman Pro you get additionally support to sync your Linkman XML bookmark databases between different computers. You can use most of the free synchronization services. Linkman Pro has build-in support for Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Syncplicity, Sky Backups, FilesAnywhere, Backblaze, SpiderOak, KeepVault, Wuala, and several others. Alternatively you can can install Linkman Pro on a USB stick (if you don’t want to entrust your personal data to the Internet).

If you’re headed someplace where you know you’ll be using a computer you’ve never seen before, you can start Linkman Pro from the USB stick, and pick up just like as if you were sitting in your own office! Linkman bookmarks databases can be protected with a password to maximize your privacy. Since Linkman (both Lite and Pro editions) can maintain two separate databases at the same time, you have the option to place your private links into a second, password protected database, or separate your work-related and private bookmarks. Linkman will search both bookmark databases at the same time, directly from all the browsers.


1. Disconnect Internet connection

2. Run app’s setup

3.After installation,Copy Patch it into install directory & apply it.

4. Block its IneterNet connection with firewall

5. Thanks To Original Uploader MPT

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Linkman Pro

Patch  Patch

Linkman Pro v8.90.0.0 Incl Patch


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