Kaspersky TOTAL Security (Pure 4.0) Version 2015 ( Final

Kaspersky TOTAL Security (Pure 4.0) Version 2015 ( Final

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Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business delivers Kaspersky Lab’s most comprehensive business security solution – to protect every element of your corporate network. As well as anti-malware for workstations, file servers and mobile devices – plus data encryption and flexible endpoint controls – Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes special protection technologies for mail servers, collaboration servers and traffic flowing through Web gateways. In addition, easy-to-use systems management tools and mobile device management (MDM) functionality help to simplify a wide range of administration tasks.

Multi-layer anti-malware protection
Kaspersky’s latest anti-malware technologies deliver a powerful combination of signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted technologies – so your business benefits from improved security against known malware and new threats.

Anti-malware for a range of file server platforms
For shared storage environments, it only takes one infected file to spread malware across an entire network. That’s why Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business provides anti-malware protection for file servers – so you can benefit from shared storage and also maintain security.

Simplifying IT administration activities
Managing a complex IT environment doesn’t have to be a complex task. With its vast array of systems management functionality, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business simplifies IT administration and helps you to manage costs. Functions include automatic inventories of all hardware and software on your network, automatic vulnerability scanning & patch / update distribution, as well as system provisioning capabilities.

Protecting confidential information – even on lost laptops and mobile devices
The loss or theft of a laptop, storage device, tablet or smartphone could result in confidential corporate information falling into the wrong hands. Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes data encryption and encryption management capabilities – to help ensure the loss of a laptop or mobile device doesn’t compromise the security of confidential data.

Giving IT administrators greater control
Kaspersky’s endpoint control technologies – including Application Control, Device Control and Web Control – help your IT administrators to manage how applications, devices and the Internet are used on your corporate network. It’s easy to control which applications are permitted to run, which devices are able to access your systems and how your employees are allowed to use the Web.

Securing smartphones and tablets – including BYOD
By combining mobile security and flexible mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for business helps you to provide and manage security for a wide range of mobile platforms – so it’s easy to secure smartphones, tablets and the corporate systems and data that they access.

Protecting email
By combining optimised anti-malware scanning and intelligent spam filtering, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business delivers powerful protection for mail servers – helping to eliminate spam emails and reduce the volume of traffic on your corporate network. The solution supports a wide range of mail servers – including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes / Domino, Sendmail, qmail, Postfix, Exim and CommuniGate Pro.

Securing web traffic
With anti-malware that protects web traffic flowing through most popular, Windows-based or Linux-based Web gateways, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business helps to ensure your users can access the Internet without falling prey to Web-based threats.

Enabling secure collaboration
Kaspersky’s anti-malware protection for SharePoint platforms includes content & file filtering capabilities – to help your business enforce its collaboration policies and prevent inappropriate content being stored on your corporate network.

By combining protection for desktops, file servers, Web gateways, mail systems, collaboration systems and mobile devices, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business provides world-class security for complex corporate networks. In addition, it includes extensive systems management functionality – with a single management console that gives administrators detailed control over a wide range of Kaspersky security and systems management technologies*.

*Kaspersky Security Center enables centralised control of most Kaspersky technologies within Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business, with the exception of Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway, Kaspersky Security for Mail Server and Kaspersky Security for Collaboration.

Anti-Malware – For Your Desktops & Laptops-
Delivering multi-layer protection against malware
By combining signature-based, heuristic and cloud-assisted anti-malware technologies, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business protects businesses against known and emerging threats.

Securing multiple platforms**
Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business provides anti-malware protection for Mac, Linux and Windows platforms.

Protecting against today’s sophisticated malware attacks
Kaspersky delivers malware database updates much more frequently than many other anti-malware vendors – so your business gets the latest protection against zero-day threats. Kaspersky’s pattern-based signatures help to improve malware detection rates and reduce the size of database updates – so you benefit from better security and reduced load on your network.

Delivering protection against new threats
Because Kaspersky’s Urgent Detection System database is continually being updated with data about new malware discoveries, Kaspersky can protect your corporate network against the latest threats and attacks – even before a new malware signature has been released.

Detecting suspicious behaviour
Kaspersky’s System Watcher automatically monitors how applications behave when they’re running on your systems. If System Watcher detects suspicious behaviour, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business will block the application.

Using the power of the cloud to protect your business
With millions of Kaspersky users having opted in to let the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) gather data about malware or suspicious behaviour on their computers, your business can benefit from this valuable information – even if you don’t opt in. KSN’s continual collection of real-time data about threats helps Kaspersky to provide every customer with a rapid response to new attacks – and also reduces the incidence of ‘false positives’. Independent tests have shown Kaspersky’s cloud-assisted protection can respond to new threats in as little as 0.02 seconds.

Defeating hackers
Kaspersky’s Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) and personal firewall give you flexible control over inbound and outbound traffic. You can set up parameters for a specific port, IP address or application.

Blocking network attacks
Kaspersky’s Network Attack Blocker technology detects and monitors suspicious activities on your corporate network – and lets you preconfigure how your systems will respond if any suspicious behaviour is identified.

Active Disinfection
With Kaspersky’s Active Disinfection technology working at the lowest levels of a computer’s operating system, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business delivers even deeper protection against malicious code.

**Not all features are available on all platforms.

Anti-Malware – For Your File Servers-
Kaspersky Security for File Server: Reliable Protection for Intellectual Property

Protecting multiple platforms
With its world-class antivirus engine – and optimised scanning processes – Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business protects file servers running Windows, Linux or FreeBSD, without any significant impact on server performance. As well as providing security for cluster servers, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business protects terminal servers – including Microsoft and Citrix.

Simplified management and reporting
To help minimise the time required to configure security for your file servers, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes easy-to-use management tools – plus reporting features.

Robust anti-malware
When a file server suffers a failure or an unplanned shut down, Kaspersky’s anti-malware application will re-launch when the file server restarts.

Flexible controls – Application, Device & Web-
Kaspersky Controls (Web, Device, Application)

Application Control
Application Control tools give you granular control over how applications are allowed to run on your corporate network:

Application Startup Control – lets you grant, block or audit each application
Application Monitor – lets you monitor and classify each application as untrusted, restricted or trusted
Application Privilege Control – lets you manage whether an application is allowed to access specific system resources, such as the file system or the registry
You can easily implement a Default Deny or Default Allow policy:

Default Deny blocks all programs, except whitelisted applications
Default Allow only blocks blacklisted applications.
Dynamic whitelisting
As the only security vendor that has invested in establishing its own Whitelist Lab, Kaspersky assesses commonly used applications and checks them for security risks. Updates for Kaspersky’s dynamic whitelist of applications are automatically downloaded from the cloud-enabled Kaspersky Security Network – ensuring Kaspersky customers benefit from our latest whitelist data.

Device Control
Device Control features make it easy to manage the use of removable devices and protect against the security risks that unauthorised devices can introduce. Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business lets you:

Manage access privileges – for a specific type of device, a device bus or an individual device (according to its unique serial number)
Preconfigure the times when your device control policies apply – such as preventing the use of devices outside your normal office hours
Web Control
Flexible Web Control tools help administrators to:

Monitor and filter each employee’s web browser usage
Permit, prohibit, limit or audit users’ access to specific websites or categories of websites – including games sites, gambling websites or social networking sites
Systems Management – For Greater Efficiency-
Kaspersky Systems Management

Managing your hardware, software & licences
With corporate IT networks growing in complexity, the task of monitoring and managing hardware and software assets has become much more difficult. Gaining total visibility of every hardware and software asset is an essential step in ensuring you can apply appropriate protection to every component on your corporate network.
By automatically discovering all hardware and software in your IT environment – and recording all items within hardware and software inventories – Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business gives you detailed visibility of all of your IT assets, so it’s easier to:

Monitor the security status of your systems
Apply the necessary security settings
Centralise your software licence provisioning – and identify breaches of licence conditions.
Automatic vulnerability scanning – plus patch management
Automatic vulnerability scanning detects the presence of any unpatched vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system and applications on your network. Working with Microsoft’s WSUS database, the Secunia Vulnerability Database and Kaspersky’s own database of vulnerabilities, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business can regularly synchronise data on Microsoft updates and hotfixes and automatically distribute them to your systems. For many non-Microsoft applications, information about new patches can be downloaded from Kaspersky’s own servers.

Simplifying OS deployment
With automatic features for creating and cloning computer images, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business helps to optimise operating system deployment. Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business stores your computer images in a special inventory, so they can easily be accessed during deployment.

Application provisioning
Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business simplifies the distribution of applications – by enabling administrators to deploy software on command or according to their own schedule, such as after working hours. The application deployment process is transparent to users.

Remote troubleshooting and software deployment
Remote access helps you to ensure rapid resolution of problems on any computer on your corporate network. If you need to install new software at a remote office, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business lets you use one local workstation as the update agent for the entire remote site. This can greatly reduce the volume of traffic on your corporate network.

Network Access Control

Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business automatically discovers devices, so you can control which devices are allowed to access your corporate network. In addition, you can easily check that each user’s device complies with your corporate security policies – and block network access for any employee’s device that does not comply. If you need to let visitors’ devices access the Internet – without accessing confidential corporate data – Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business lets you set up a captive portal.

Encryption – to Protect Your Data-

Introducing Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Encryption

Best Practice Guide to Encryption
Kaspersky’s Full Disk Encryption Technology
Kaspersky’s File Level Encryption Technology
Strong encryption
Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business employs an AES encryption algorithm with 256 bits of key length, to ensure strong encryption of confidential data.

File-level encryption and full disk encryption
Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business provides both file-level encryption (FLE) and full disk encryption (FDE) – with FDE operating on the physical sectors of the hard disk, to deliver encryption that’s ‘close to the hardware’:

  – FLE lets you encrypt individual files – to help ensure data can be shared securely, across your network
  – FDE makes it easy to adopt an ‘encrypt everything at once’ approach

By using a combination of both FLE and FDE on a system’s internal hard drive, you can encrypt the entire hard drive – while ensuring individually encrypted files can be securely shared across your network.
For a group of computers, you can use FDE on each computer’s hard disk and use FLE on removable storage devices. This ensures that all data on each computer’s hard disk is encrypted – while data stored on removable drives is also encrypted, for secure use beyond your corporate network.

Sharing data outside your network
Users can create password-protected, encrypted, self-extracting packages of files and folders – so data can be securely shared, via email, the Web or removable devices.

Application privilege control
When you run file-level encryption (FLE), application privilege control lets you define data access rules for specific applications. You can select whether an individual application is:

Blocked from accessing the encrypted data
Allowed to access the data in its encrypted form
Allowed to access unencrypted data
The decryption process is transparent to the application.
By ensuring encrypted data remains encrypted during transfer, storage and restoration – regardless of the policy settings at the endpoint where the data is restored – Kaspersky’s application privilege control features help you to create secure backups.
Application privilege control can also block the exchange of encrypted files via Instant Messaging (IM) or Skype – without affecting the legitimate use of IM or Skype.

Encryption that doesn’t affect productivity
All of Kaspersky’s encryption and decryption processes are executed ‘on the fly’. Non-encrypted versions of encrypted data are never present on a system’s hard drive as a result of Kaspersky’s processes. Furthermore, all encryption and decryption processes are transparent to your users – so employee productivity is not affected.

Storing decryption keys in escrow
If a computer develops a fault, a device-unique key – stored in escrow within Kaspersky Security Center – lets you decrypt data that’s stored within the faulty computer. Even if the computer’s operating system won’t boot, you’ll still be able to decrypt the data.

Recovering users’ passwords
When a user forgets their password, a challenge / response mechanism allows the recovery of the pre-boot password.

Integrated encryption and protection technologies
Kaspersky’s encryption and endpoint protection technologies are all part of the same unified codebase – to ensure a level of integration that enables you to configure a combination of encryption, anti-malware and endpoint control settings within a single policy.


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Kaspersky TOTAL Security (Pure 4.0) Version 2015 ( Final


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