Jurassic Coin Dino Pusher v1.2.0 [Mega Mod] Apk

Jurassic Coin Dino Pusher v1.2.0 [Mega Mod] Apk


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Welcome to mesozoic era, the age of furious reptiles & their kinds. Let us take you on a expedition back in time, long ago our ancestor walked this dangerous planet. It will be a journey of a lifetime. As you might not be used to such a wild life, we have planned to keep you entertained.
We have an interactive dozer table in the wild with nonstop supply of fun & never ending dose of excitement on your coin pusher. Relive the dinosaur Jurassic era in 3D. Push off the coins & bank them, Gold bars & chips to ignite the casino fun in a dino world. Let’s begin this interactive experience & let the dinosaur come out of their cave.

Fun & adventure has no limits in this addictive dino world. Apart from the gold dozer pusher, we have got a Spin Fortune wheel here, try your luck. Gamble on the spin roulette wheel & get a chance to win amazingly fancy prizes & free gifts. A good dinosaur knows how to stay clam. Gamble fearlessly & slay your spare time. Trust your primal instincts & win big.
With an addition of the casino Vegas styled 777 slot machine, get a chance & your luck hitting the 777 jackpot at slot machine. Normally prehistoric times are projected with dragons, beasts & fierce dinosaurs, but we have added fun & excitement to Jurassic arena. It’s a dino world made out of sheer joy in this epic dozer festival. Let the gambling fiesta begin! Unleash your primal instincts in this exciting jungle adventure story as you spin the Fortune Wheel, use the Party Slots, & make use of the coin pusher to gain fabulous rewards.

Your mission in the forest is not barely to push off coins. As adventure proceeds, you will get certain goals, quests to collect rarest of fossils & prehistoric artifacts. Challenges will get tougher as you proceed. Make use of stunning & unique ability to upgrade your dozer power-ups & climb the quest ladder. Gather powerful & ferocious rare dinosaurs in your own personal collection.

This exotic dino world contains fancy prizes & a unique dinosaur collection with adorable characters like the Dilophosaurus, Apatosaur, Pterosaurus, Spinosaurus,Edaphosaurus, Parasaurolophus,Plesiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus & the one & only the Trex. You might have seen the gigantic Godzilla & lots of dangerous carnivores, omnivores & herbivores in the movies, it’s your turn collect them in your prize cabinet & earn free bonus items too.

Fun dragons & dinosaurs; it’s not a ferocious dino game, it’s a fun filled carnival gala going on inside the Jurassic wild forest. All species including Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tryrannosaurus rex & the Velociraptor are friendly & are excited to grace your prize collection with their presence. Relive the ultimate dino fiesta experience with superb graphics, wonderful mechanics, calm environment & a variety of places to have fun. Feels like a majestic Jurassic fair with treats & fests.

With realistic game-play, smooth physics & HD cute graphics, this spectacular prehistoric sage is easy to play & an exciting immersive experience. Winning big prizes requires mastering of your skill & expertise. Use right technique & ability to get the best rewards. It’ll be quite a fun, now sharp dinosaur teeth won’t be scary anymore.


Install APK. Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play

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Jurassic Coin Dino Pusher v1.2.0 [Mega Mod] Apk


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