iMacros 11.5 Incl Crack

iMacros 11.5 Incl Crack


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A reliable and seamlessly easy to use application that helps you create macros that improve your work, by automating certain processes

To fasten your work, you could create automate scripts, so that you do not have to make the same repetitive action every time you start browsing. This way, you can instantly start working on your projects, bypassing some actions, such as logins or autofill fields.

One such application that can help you do this is iMacros. It allows you to “record” your actions while browsing and use these macros instantly next time, instead of manually repeating them. The program requires a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome in order to properly work.

Handy and easy to use macro creating tool with comprehensive GUI
The application allows you to create macros that contain a set of recorded actions. These automated scripts can be later used on the spot, in order to avoid manually repeating the actions performed previously.

Furthermore, you can take screenshots whenever you record, so that you can see each step taken in order to automate your browsing.

Reliable and intuitive browsing autofill application what can integrate in browsers

With the help of iMacros, you are able to automate your work, by letting the program perform some of the actions you previously recorded. In addition, the program can be integrated in your favorite browser. By doing so, it helps you use your favorite browser to work on a project, while maintaining any of the automated scripts that you created.

The application does not require any programming skills, as it automatically records any of your actions, the gives you access to them anytime.

A dependable and powerful macro recording utility
To conclude, iMacros provides you with a sturdy browser automation tool that helps you skip certain tedious tasks, such as logins, fields or webpages. It can be used to take snapshots of your screen, so that you are able to see each step taken in the construction of your macro.


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iMacros 11.5 Incl Crack


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