How To Activate MAXON Cinema 4D R16

How To Activate MAXON Cinema 4D R16


1. Close your internet connection.

  2. Install application by double clicking on “CINEMA 4D.exe” in
     “CINEMA 4D R16” folder (With admin rights on your system.)

   * If you get “libmmd.dll” error, install “w_ccompxe_redist_intel64_2013.5.198.msi”
     in “redist” folder and try again. If you still get error messages install
     other three files in “redist” folder.

  3. Open keygen “mc4dr16_kg.exe” in “Keygen” folder,

    a.Select standalone or server
    b.Select the version you need
    c.Generate serial and enter to application.
    d.Enter fake info to other requested boxes

  ** Check the pictures in “Activation pictures” folder.

  4. Open internet connection

  5. Optional : Download “Content libraries” and Language packs. (More than 5 Gb.)

    a.Select HELP in application
    b.Select “Check for updates”
    c.Click on “Optional” tab.
    d.Put check mark in the box/boxes
    e.Click on “Install”

5. Thanks To Original Uploader  MUS3 Aand ChingLiu *

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How To Activate MAXON Cinema 4D R16


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