GeneXproTools v5.0.3902 Incl Crack

GeneXproTools v5.0.3902 Incl Crack

 .: DESCRiPTiON :..
What is GeneXproTools?>> Data Modeling Software for Windows
Innovative modeling software for students, educators, creative professionals & data buffs everywhere>> Modeling Frameworks & Algorithms
Classification, logistic regression, regression, time series prediction, and logic synthesis>> Easy Data Loading for Categorical & Numerical Data
Load any kind of data from Excel, text files, databases and gep files

>> Data Visualization & Analysis
Variable importance, outlier detection, error analysis, histograms, summary statistics, and much more

>> Sub-sampling Methods, Including Bagging & Mini-Batch
Fast processing of large datasets using the new mini-batch mode

>> Model Code Generation
Automatic model code generation in 19 programming languages for easy external deployment

>> User Defined Programming Languages
Model code in virtually any programming language through user defined grammars

>> Model Deployment & Scoring
Immediate model scoring within GeneXproTools or elsewhere using the code of your choice

>> Automatic Model Deployment to Excel
Automatic deployment of models and ensembles with code in Excel VBA

>> Real Time Model Design Visualization
Several curve fitting charts, ROC curve, confusion matrix, classification tapestry, scatter plots, and more

>> Workflow Can Be Really Fast & Easy…
Load training data, create a model with just a click, test it and then apply it

>> …But it Can Be Involved Too
Hundreds of parameters to set and combine to create very accurate models with great generalizability

>> User Defined Modeling Tools for Enhanced Experience
User defined grammars, math & logic functions, derived variables, favorite statistics and fitness functions

>> Warm Start & Model Improvement / Refreshment
Old models can be used both for improvement and to kick start the modeling process

New in GeneXproTools 5.0
>> Automatic Processing of Categorical & Missing Values
Throughout support for categorical variables & missing values, from data loading to model code generation>> Data Partitioning & Sub-sampling Methods
Easy dataset management inside GeneXproTools for better model design and testing>> New Data Panel for Variable & Record Analysis
Extensive variable & record analyses, including variable importance, error analysis, regression analysis and outlier detection & removal

>> New Visualization Tools
Scatter plots, residual plots, histograms, ROC curve, classification tapestry, several curve fitting charts, sorted line charts, stacked distribution chart, and much more

>> Error analysis & Outlier Detection
Many tools for error analysis and outlier detection, including variable and record charts and statistics

>> Over 100 New Fitness Functions
For more robust and accurate regression models and classifiers with wider margins and better generalizability

>> New Tools for Creating Ensembles & Random Forests
Including new fitness functions, subset selection strategies, different bagging schemes, favorite statistics for model selection and new stop conditions

>> New Genetic Operators & Modeling Strategies
New genetic operators and modeling strategies for optimal evolution, subset selection, model fine-tuning and constant fine-tuning

>> New Charts for Model Visualization & Selection
New charts for model visualization & selection in the Run Panel, Results Panel and Data Panel

>> New Logistic Regression Category
Complete integration of Logistic Regression with dedicated fitness functions, charts and code generation, including raw model output, probabilities & predicted class

>> Improved Model Code Generation
Improved model code generation with probabilities, predicted class and raw model output for classification & logistic regression models

>> New Programming Languages
New grammars to generate model code in R, Octave and Excel VBA

>> More Variables and Unlimited Ensemble Size
More variables and unlimited ensemble size for all GeneXproTools Editions

>> Ensemble Deployment without Models Embedded
New & faster data-only deployment mode to Excel of large model random forests

>> Favorite Statistics in all Categories
Favorite statistics for model selection & ensemble design, including AUC ROC, maximum likelihood, F1 measure, correlation coefficient, R-square, RMSE, MAE, and many more

>> And Much More
Speed-ups, new linking functions, evolvable rounding thresholds, new and better charts, adjustable parsimony pressure & variable pressure, and much much more


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GeneXproTools v5.0.3902 Incl Crack


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