Find iPhone, Android xFi Pro v2.4.6 Paid Apk

Find iPhone, Android xFi Pro v2.4.6 Paid Apk


.: DESCRiPTiON :..

xFi Locator
This app will precisely locate your iOS devices as well as Android devices.
-To locate an iOS device, use iCloud credential that was used to activate the target device.
-To locate an Android device, install this app,xFi Endpoint, on the target device.
Please download and try the free version before purchasing, xFi Find iPhone,iCloud,Android
Once this pro version is downloaded to your device, the lite version is also unlocked. So, you can continue to use the lite version in unlocked mode without having to re-entering credentials.
This app runs natively on Android platform. It locates and shows location of the device you are looking for on Google Maps. It can make the device sound even when it is on silent mode, making the task of finding a misplaced phone, tablet easy.
Features included in this app are: (see snapshots for further details)
– Displays location of target devices on Google Maps. The app will try its best to request up-to-date location of devices. Green icon means location is up-to-date. Gray icon means location is available but not up-to-date.
– Log-in credential can optionally be saved for future quick log-ins (encrypted and saved solely on your device).
– Supports multiple accounts.
– Real-time auto refresh.
– Sounds alarm on device.
– Various map types can be selected.
– Provides directions, turn-by-turn navigation from own location to target device location.
– Beautiful, high resolution, detailed Street View, and Traffic.


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Find iPhone, Android xFi Pro v2.4.6 Paid Apk

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