Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro v2.0.0.24 Cracked Apk

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro v2.0.0.24 Cracked Apk


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Users like you can now click loads of pictures, we have made the application FREE for all. Delete thousands of duplicate and similar images with Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Keep Clicking!!

Organize your image collection perfectly with the best duplicate cleaner!

Having duplicate images in a smartphone is natural. At times, these are clicked unintentionally and at others, to capture the best of shots. In either of the cases, these images occupy plenty of space, which could have been used to keep other valuable data.

Removing similar images manually is a tough and tedious activity. It is time and energy consuming. This process can be shortened and images can be deleted instantly using this duplicate photo remover.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro searches for similar images and removes duplicate photos in no time. The advanced features of this duplicate photo remover make it the best duplicate annihilator.

Smart duplicate photo finder
Scan your images quickly with these modes:

Camera Images: Scanning through this feature will search for similar images in camera roll folder only. Therefore, when you only want clean camera roll folder, go to Camera Images section of this duplicate photo finder.

Full Scan: Full scan will find all duplicate photos on your phone, even the ones that lay in hidden folders and on external storage. This helps to recover ample space on devices.

Select Folder: This feature gives you the control to find duplicate photos in any specific folder. Be it WhatsApp photos or Facebook photos, any duplicate and similar images these folders may contain are easily tracked and deleted.

Matching Level:
Matching criteria is easy to set on this duplicate image finder. There are three levels- low, high, and default. These levels will search duplicate and similar images as per the preference you have set.


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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro v2.0.0.24 Cracked Apk



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