Icon Pack Generator FULL v2.3 Cracked Apk

Icon Pack Generator FULL v2.3 Cracked Apk


 .: DESCRiPTiON :..

Icon Pack Generator it’s the first app that allows you to creare your own icon pack! You can use this app in two ways: 1) customize an image that will be displayed behind all of your icons 2) use custom themes. In both cases you can create an icon pack that you will be asked to install. Then you can apply the icon pack created like any other icon pack with a launcher with icon pack support (for example: Adw, Nova, Apex…)

Unlocks the other features of the configurator:
-rounded borders
-borders color
-borders thickness
-icons transparency
You will also be able to use the themes mixer. With that you can choose the images from all themes, not only from the one selected.
The full version can be purchased with a cheap in app purchase into the app.

A custom theme is an application that contains three lists of images: iconbacks, iconupons and iconmasks. You can choose one image from each list and create the icon pack. Themes can be downloaded from playstore and can be standalone themes (marked with IPG Theme) or included in existing themes (like icon packs, cyanogenmod themes, substratum themes and other). Check the description of the theme on playstore to know if it’s compatible with Icon Pack Generator!
Please excuse me if there aren’t so much themes out there at the moment. This feature has just been launched and I hope that the number of themes will grow in the future!


Just install

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icon-pack-generator1 icon-pack-generator2

Icon Pack Generator FULL v2.3 Cracked Apk


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