ChrisTV PVR Pro v6.20 Incl License Key

ChrisTV PVR Pro v6.20 Incl License Key


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hrisTV PVR Professional 6.00 is the top class product of this suite, including all the available features of the ChrisTV product series. Enjoy this professional PVR (Personal Video Recorder) application to watch, schedule and record analog TV & Radio FM programs.

Using this product you take full advantage of the Advanced Scheduler functions, Radio Recording Module, Advanced Recording Features (use of Deinterlace Filters, Image Processing Effects while recording), Recording Profiles (for AVI, MPEG video recording and WAV/MP3 audio recording), customizable MPEG Recording Settings, Video Frame Cropping Feature for Recording and Image Processing Features. In ChrisTV Professional both preview and recording modes, with multimonitor support, are available for all supported capture devices (TV cards, VIVO cards, Combo cards).

ChrisTV PVR Key Features
TimeShift Mode
ChrisTV TimeShift lets you freeze the live TV stream, giving you a break while is still recording.
TimeShifting is giving you, recordings with time delayed playback being different from the linear recording style you were used till now.
By TimeShift recording you can fast-forward through commercials and create your instant-replay on a live TV program.
Never miss anything from your favourite show, by timeshifting recording, a simple pause will let you resume later the interrupted TV program viewing.

Timeshifting is based on a principle of buffering the encoded images captured from the live TV program.
Such kind of temporary buffering lets you go back and forth playing on an imaginary timeline of your live TV show while this is still in progress.

There are 3 Timeshift Running Modes :
Using software DV Encoder ( with high CPU usage and large size for buffer file )
Using software MPEG Encoder ( only MPEG Intervideo Encoder 3 is supported for the moment )
Using hardware MPEG Encoder ( available only for TV Cards with MPEG Hardware Encoding Module )
Starting with version 5.00 or higher you will be able to choose your favorite Timeshift Quality settings to save diskspace or have best quality from 4 presets, also you can make recordings while using the timeshift feature. You can choose if the recording starts automatically when you begin timeshift or manually when you want, same goes for stop timeshift recording. Please note that you won’t be able to record in past, only what is in present time on the live stream.

For software encoding TV Cards there is the option to mute the Preview Live Sound while in TimeShift Mode
The timeline is as large as the temporary buffer is set: from several minutes, to several hours depending on your available storage space. You can customize the TimeShift Buffering Time duration between 1 and 300 minutes


1. Disconnect Internet connection

2. Run app’s setup

3. After installation Use the License key  for registration.

4. Block its IneterNet connection with firewall

5. Thanks To Original Uploader SND*



ChrisTV PVR Pro

License Key   License Key

ChrisTV PVR Pro v6.20 Incl License Key

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