Call Manager Record & Block Full v1.3.7 Apk

Call Manager Record & Block Full v1.3.7 Apk


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Do you often been bothered by unwanted calls or forget content of important calls?. This application will be a great choice for you because it allows you to record call and block call

The calls of a contact can be blocked or allowed, depending on time of day. For example, a call from a contact in the blacklist will be blocked to protect your sleep at night, but in the morning, the call is accepted to serve for your work. The schedule option will also let you set different the blocking scenarios for different times.
You can enable exception handling. Some calls which should be blocked, can be allowed thanks to Call Blocking Exception. For example you would accept a call from someone who was blocked too many times in a specified period because it might be an important call.
What about some calls that need to remember?. Calls can be recorded automatically or manually whenever you want. You do not need to worry about wasting storage of the phone when have too many recording files or using many phones because you can upload the recording files to cloud storage service to access them easily from the other phones or share them with other people by sending the links.

IMPORTANT: Do not use Call Manager in conjunction with other call recorder and call rejection. Some phones do not support call recording or call rejection due to hardware or Android version, please do not give me bad rate if your phone doesn’t support. If you encounter any recording issues or wish to improve voice quality, try recording from a different audio source or turn on speaker. Turn on speaker can boost recording quality.

Main features:
– Silent/hidden operating mode
– Blacklist Scheduler
– WhiteList Scheduler
– Call Blocking Exception
– Create a temporary contact in a while
– Blocking Scenario
– Different blocking scenarios depending on time
– Recording a call automatically or manually
– Hide recording files
– Automatically delete short recordings or automatic call recordings which were not answered
– Cloud storage service
– Sharing files with public or stop sharing on cloud storage
– Protect application with a passcode or fingerprint. Do not allow access or uninstall the application
– Lightweight


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Call Manager Record & Block Full v1.3.7 Apk


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