Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Inc Serial & Reset Tool Rv1

Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Inc Serial & Reset Tool Rv1

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BitDefender Total Security is an impressive security suite that protects your system from every angle. It includes an anti-virus, personal firewall, backup solution, network management tool and more.

The BitDefender Total Security interface is very easy to use. The Home area is well laid out and the default setting is automatic feature called AutoPilot, so less experienced (or interested) users can avoid the technicalities. If you delve into BitDefender Total Security’s Settings, however, you’ll find a fantastic array of configuration options that can be tweaked at either a general or advanced level – just browse between the areas and tabs to discover them all.

About BitDefender Total Security’s tools: they cover pretty much everything in terms of computer safety – from simple, daily tasks like scanning a file you just downloaded from the internet to once-in-a-while system optimization. BitDefender Total Security also has the usual real-time protection, firewall and tune-up options you would expect from a modern security suite, while it rounds out the offering with nice extras like parental controls, antispam filters and personal privacy controls.

BitDefender Total Security also includes special Games and Laptop modes. The first one opens the firewall to prevent connection issues and disables any resource-intensive processes while maintaining a safe, fun gaming experience. The latter temporarily tweaks security settings to prevent the antivirus from draining the computer’s battery.



1) Uninstall (old) Bitdefender Auto Reset program before installing this (new) Bitdefender Auto Reset program

2) If you installed Bitdefender Auto Reset, then DON’T install Diskeeper Auto Reset (and vice versa) =>> only Auto Reset on the latest installation will work !
1. Reboot and start Windows in safe mode

2. While in safe mode, launch Bitdefender Reset Tool

3. Click on a button

4. [Reset Now] => Click on this button if you only want to reset your Bitdefender
and you don’t want to install the reset program.

5. [Install Auto Reset] => Click on this button if you want to install the reset program
which will reset your Bitdefender every time you start/restart your computer.

6. [Uninstall Auto Reset] => Click on this button if you want to remove the reset
program from your computer.

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Activation Pictures

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Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Inc Serial & Reset Tool Rv1


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