Avira Antivirus Suite 2014 Incl Keys Trail Reset

Avira Antivirus Suite 2014 Incl Keys Trail Reset


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Protection-mail to protect your computer, and e-mail messages and attachments from malicious programs, and the protection of Web scans HTTP traffic to protect against online threats when you visit sites on the Internet and download files on the Internet. The growing role of digital technology in our lives, an antivirus program, reliable and efficient for your computer is not the only part of the overall security of the system. The latest version of Avira Premium Antivirus now provides more ways to be protected, including withholding trace on the Internet and protect Mobile Android devices. ‘s new anti-virus software Avira 2014

The new version of Avira Antivirus Premium 2014 includes IT cloud verification active applications in the system,
a component of the Avira Free SocialShield to monitor your children’s activity on social networks,
as well as Avira Free Security Android – Protect Android smartphone and information on your mobile device from theft or loss
Improvements and changes in Version 2014 Home contains:

•Browser trace ban
blocks about 600 companies keep track of your activity on the Internet
classification of threats in real time, and a quick check of the system
• Site Safety Advisor
Safety Rating web sites right in your search results
• Network scan drives
more security for you, and the best protection for the network as a whole
• Protection for Android
to return lost phone, and the protection of personal data and prevent calls / SMS
Protection in social networks
parental control Intelligent Facebook and other social networks

Learn more about the new features of the product line Avira 2014.
main features of antivirus Avira 2014

to protect your computer

•Real-time protection: continuous monitoring of viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware
•Anti-spyware and anti-advertising. Spyware Blocking and online commercials
•New “Cloud” defense: High-speed scanning and identifying new online malware
• The new network drives test: viruses shared folders on the network
• Rootkit protection. Detects hidden threats, invisible to traditional antivirus software
• Proactive proactive protection: stop unknown threats by tracking their behavior
• Technology heuristic in the future: Unknown code checks for signs of suspicious. Online protection
• New Track Browser mind: to prevent online tracking your activities on the Internet
• New safety site Adviser: assess the safety of all sites in search results and on the dedication of the sites that show the level of security on the toolbar
• Enhance Web protection: blocks malicious websites before to be able to boot *
This feature is part of the Avira toolbar SearchFree
parental control in the Russian version is not available. To use, you can use the link to the service in the Description
• New protection in social networks: the expansion of parental controls on Facebook and other social networks
New Security for Android: the return of the phone, and the protection of privacy is lost or stolen
and to prevent unwanted calls / – SMS messages Awards In the test


1. Disconnect Internet connection

2. Run app’s setup

3.After installation,Run Patch  apply it.

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Avira Antivirus Suite 2014

Avira Trial Reset


Avira Trial Reset

Avira Antivirus Suite 2014 Incl Keys Trail Reset


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