Autodesk MotionBuilder 2018 Incl Keygen

Autodesk MotionBuilder 2018 Incl Keygen

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Motion capturing technology has been around for quite some time now and it has evolved a great deal in past few years. In addition, the hardware and software used in this domain have become more and more accessible for amateur use, while personal computers are now powerful enough to handle basic 3D modeling and simple motion simulations.

Create actors and control rigs

Autodesk MotionBuilder is a fully-featured software utility designed to help you create and simulate 3D character animations from scratch, as well as use motion capturing techniques to control the way your actor reacts in the virtual environment. Thus, you can start off by creating a basic actor or control rig, which can then be customized and adjusted to fit your preferences.

Furthermore, you can also define and edit a skeleton simulation, which can be used as a placeholder for the human bones inside your 3D character. Every available bone can be manually assigned to a specific body part, such as the leg, shoulder or spine and they basically define the range of motions that can be achieved by the simulated actor inside the application.

Manage animation triggers and create poses

Poses represent a certain arrangement of your model’s anatomy, which can be used to quickly change between various body positions. Thus, the character does not have to be manually repositioned each time you want to bring it to its default state and you can even create your very own poses from scratch, in order to save them inside the project.

The animation triggers, on the other hand, can be organized and stored into groups, depending on their purpose. These triggers can be controlled in a variety of ways, as well as by using keyboard or joystick shortcuts. Hence, you can set up your character to perform a certain action whenever a key is pressed on the keyboard, as well as choose the desired motion clips from your computer.

A professional 3D motion creator

All in all, Autodesk MotionBuilder provides you with everything you might need in order to create 3D motion animations, using your own FBX files. In addition, it also supports motion capturing devices from the get-go, making it very simple to integrate it with your studio and simulate movement using your already existing 3D models.

3D character animation software
MotionBuilder® 3D character animation software for virtual production helps you to more efficiently manipulate and refine data with greater reliability. Capture, edit, and play back complex character animation in a highly responsive, interactive environment, and work with a display optimized for both animators and directors.

Real-time 3D engine
Access one of the industry’s fastest animation tools.

Productivity-geared workflows
Take on demanding, high-volume projects:

Support for consumer motion-capture devices
Re-create elements of real-world cinematography with advanced camera options for Animatable Depth and Follow Focus
Combine, blend, and layer to block out or previsualize scenes in less time with an additional 100 useful character animations
Unified nondestructive, nonlinear editing environment
Live device support and live data recording to disk
Full-body inverse kinematics character technology with animation retargeting
Available as a 64-bit executable for the Linux operating system
Motion capture editing and data cleanup
Includes production-proven tools to manipulate motion capture data.

Stereoscopic toolsets
Capitalize on trends for stereoscopic 3D content.

Smooth interoperability
With its software development kit, support for FBX data exchange technology, and Python scripting, MotionBuilder interoperates with certain products in the Entertainment Creation Suites. Establish live streaming between MotionBuilder and Maya to send HumanIK characters between applications.



Autodesk MotionBuilder 2018 Incl Keygen

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