AiRoboForm Enterprise v7.9.6.7 Inc Crack

AiRoboForm Enterprise v7.9.6.7 Inc Crack

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        A client-based alternative to Single Sign-On (SSO), RoboForm
        Enterprise delivers fast, simplified password management, solving
        the growing password inflation problem for your organization at a
        fraction of the cost of traditional SSO.

        Latest Release – RoboForm Enterprise Version 7 adds three
        exciting features, making RoboForm Enterprise even more powerful,
        simpler to use, and easier to implement.

        • Enhanced non-web logins to support most Win32 based
          applications making RoboForm enterprise the ideal solution for
          both web and non-web-based applications.
        • Integration with Windows Logon. RoboForm Enterprise now
          integrates with your existing Windows logon, effectively
          enabling employee password management without any additional
          passwords to remember.
        • New biometric option can replace the master password with
          fingerprint authentication.


        Out-of-the-box password management features that your employees
        will actually use and appreciate

        RoboForm Enterprise comes with these out-of-the box features and
        requires no extensive setup or implementation. Your organization
        can start using and benefiting from these features right away!

        Intuitive User Interface that Automatically ?Learns? and
        ?Remembers? Passwords

        • There is only one password to remember. All of your employees?
          passwords are protected using a ?Master Password?. So they
          remember one Master Password, and RoboForm Enterprise remembers
          the rest.
        • When a user enters a new password, RoboForm Enterprise simply
          prompts to save and store this new password for the employee
          and subsequently logs them in automatically.
        • Originally built for consumers and used by millions of users
          worldwide, the software is extremely user friendly and designed
          to simplify password management to meet the needs of the most
          novice user. Users can be up and running quickly with little to
          no training required.

        Powerful Password Protection

        • Stores employee passwords in encrypted ?Passcards? using
          industry-standard AES encryption with a single, Master Password
          as a key.
        • Master Password protected on the client and known only to
          employee, keeping it confidential and secured from outsiders.
        • Offers a ?dual master password? capability that allows managers
          or IT staff to share credentials for accessing applications
          with other employees, without sharing the actual
        • Offers a secure password generator to help you increase
          password security, allowing you to create and enforce more
          complex passwords enterprise-wide. Automatically generates
          secure, randomized passwords without burdening employees.

        Advanced Identity Theft and Fraud Protection

        • Fights ?Phishing? by linking sensitive login information only
          to the correct URL. RoboForm Enterprise will only recognize
          valid URLs that are associated with login information. A fake
          site would not be recognized and therefore login information
          would not be provided automatically.
        • Defeats Keyloggers. RoboForm Enterprise does not require using
          a keyboard to type passwords. RoboForm Enterprise offers the
          option of a Virtual Keyboard to “type” the Master Password; and
          keyloggers cannot detect it. The Virtual Keyboard is an image
          of a keyboard on the screen in which users click the images of
          the keyboard buttons. Since there are no keystrokes, there’s
          nothing for the keylogger to detect or transmit.


        • A portable version, RoboForm2Go, is available to run from a USB
          Flash Drive. This version allows your employees to securely
          take their passwords, contacts and bookmarks with them.
        • Ensures that employees access Web site applications securely,
          even from unsecured public computers.


        Delivering Fast, Simplified, and Cost-Effective Password

        • RoboForm Enterprise is a full-featured, out-of-the-box password
          management solution that provides a secure, easy and
          cost-effective way to manage all of your employees? numerous
          passwords. It reduces their numerous logins to one master
          password, making your employees more productive while saving
          significant time and IT costs for your organization.


0. Close your internet connection. IMPORTANT

1. Install AiRoboForm-Enterprise.exe

2. After installation make sure all Internet Explorer and/or other browsers and explorer windows are closed or else the file(s) will not copy overproperly (as well as the Roboform Taskbar Icon)

3. Reboot into safe mode if you still have problems.

4. Now Copy roboform.dll and  roboform-x64.dll (x64 dll is only needed for IE 64bit!) into AIRoboform’s installed folder

5. making sure to overwrite the  existing files.  AI Roboform is now in the full PRO version with Enterprise features.

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AiRoboForm Enterprise v7.9.6.7 Inc Crack


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