ABBYY FineReader Professional Inc Crack (Pafnutiy761)

ABBYY FineReader Professional Inc Crack (Pafnutiy761)

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Converts Images into Text Quickly and Accurately

ABBYY FineReader 12 scans and converts image documents into editable text and searchable PDFs with a recognition accuracy of up to 99.8%* . Advanced Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT®) precisely retains the formatting and multi-page structure of original documents. It saves time by significantly reducing the need to manually correct the output files. For even faster results, FineReader’s Fast Mode recognition delivers a 40% speed enhancement.

Supports More Languages Than Any Other OCR

FineReader 12 supports recognition of 190 languages in any language combination, including significantly improved OCR for Asian languages. See the full list

Extracts Text and Tables from Selected Areas

FineReader provides instant access to the documents you are converting. Whether it’s two pages or two thousand, you can start reviewing them or choose any fragment that you need to copy – without the need to wait until the processing of your document is completed. Just select the area you wish to extract and FineReader will recognize it and make it available for copying in seconds.

Creates Searchable PDFs with One Click

Easily make documents available for fast search by converting them to searchable PDF and PDF/A formats. Optional MRC compression enables you to save storage resources, when necessary. Incoming images are automatically preprocessed with FineReader, with no need to work through time-consuming menus. For example, applying PreciseScan technology smooths the text in low-quality scans to improve the visual quality of output files. And to fine tune results, FineReader offers an extensive set of manual image editing tools that enable you to optimize documents for archiving.

Easily Converts PDFs into Editable Formats

Thanks to flexible PDF conversion capabilities, FineReader enables you to turn PDFs into editable text that you can update, edit or re-use.

Provides Powerful Tools for Improving Results

To ensure the results you get are exactly what you want, FineReader offers built-in text verification and editing tools that reduce the need for editing and correction after your documents are converted. Verification tool with support for intuitive shortcuts dramatically reduces the time you need to check if everything is recognized properly, and make necessary corrections. Using the text editor, you can easily check and change text formatting and manage styles before saving the recognition results.

Creates E-books for Reading On-The-Go

FineReader enables you to convert paper documents and PDFs into mobile-friendly formats that you can use with e-book readers, tablets or smartphones for on-the-go reading.

Designed in a New Windows 8 Look and Feel

FineReader features an improved Quick Tasks menu that is available from the Windows 8 Start screen. Now, with one click, it converts documents into most popular editable formats including Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF and without having to launch FineReader’s main window. Support for Windows 8 basic touch gestures ensures that you enjoy the latest usability enhancements.

Reads Text on Digital Photos

ABBYY FineReader applies intelligent pre-processing algorithms that improve photographed image quality, remove noise, straighten text lines and whiten backgrounds to achieve the highest conversion accuracy. And it makes documents converted from photographs look almost as good as scans making it virtually impossible to tell the difference.

Captures Content from Screenshots

Bonus application! FineReader comes with a free copy of ABBYY Screenshot Reader, which enables fast copying of text, tables or images from your screen and easily inserting them into reports, presentations, emails, etc.


  1. Close your internet connection. IMPORTANT

 2. Install the application “ABBYY_FineReader_12_Professional.exe” (with
    admin rights)
   a. Select your language
   b. Uncheck the boxes “anonymously share…” and “check for program updates”

 3. Copy all 4 files in “FixFiles” folder and paste them in to the
    installation directory by replacing. It is generally ;

  C:Program Files (x86)ABBYY FineReader 12
  C:Program FilesABBYY FineReader 12

 4. If you get errors while saving results, disable licensing service or
    delete it OR double click on “Del_Lic_Ser.bat” and click any key to
    finish. (This will delete it for you.)

5. Thanks To Original Uploader Pafnutiy761 & ChingLiu  *
..: Activation Pictures :..

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ABBYY FineReader Professional Inc Crack (Pafnutiy761)


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